In Observance Of International Albinism Day: Albino Society Calls For More Support & Empowerment For Members


In observance of the International Albinism Day, The Executive Director of Liberia Albino Society, Madam Patricia Logan, has called on the National Government to see the need to reactivate its impactful projects in order to help benefit members within the sector.

The global celebration is among other things meant to advocate for persons with albinism and to provide the necessary support and protection for them.

According to Madam Logan, since the inception of this Government only two of their four projects are operational, something she noted is a great challenge for her members including the institution in general.

The LAS boss named education through a scholarship program to its members as well as the grant program of US$200.00 each to adult albinos as programs that are no longer in existence.

“We want our members to be educated to ensure that they are self-independent in society”, added Madam Logan.

Additionally, she disclosed that her members as part of their health challenges are getting sick and some are dying due to the cut in their previous budget of 150,000usd to 85,000usd.

“Our health supplies such as sun glasses and sun bright cream, and drugs and many others are no longer available to us and it is greatly affecting us”, the LAS boss noted.

She stressed that it is about time that the National Government take seriously the support and reactivation of its programs which will generally benefit the larger society.

Though the national government after countless pleas have provided funding to the Albinism Society for its current Land project, something she noted is a remarkable achievement for the government and a historic one for them, however, she pointed out that more still needs to be done for the society.

In the wake of preparations leading to the formulation of the 2020/2021 budget year, the LAS boss wants the National Government to provide 40,000usd for the initial start of its headquarters project.

According to her, if their previous budget was not cut from 150,000usd to 85,000usd, they would have begun the project without any assistance from anywhere.

She justifies further that if made available, the 40,000.00usd will take the project to roof level.

The headquarters project will constitute two floors and two active departments namely: The Health and Administration components respectively.

Patricia encouraged the Government to see the vulnerable population as key to their endeavor and pointed out that it is time for duty bearers to identify with them now and not until the eve of political processes.

Meanwhile, This Year’s Global celebration was held under the theme: “Made to Shine”.

Though “LAS” did not officially celebrate the Day due to the COVID-19 crisis but its local theme is: “As they are made to shine, Strengthening and Empowering Persons with Albinism Should Be a Priority for National Government.