Margibi : Indigenous Celebrate Ownership to Land After 70 Years


After 70-years of squatting, residents of Unification Town in Lower Margibi County have officially gotten legitimacy over their land.

Margibi County Superintendent Hon. Jerry Varnie presents deed of the land on Friday, November 27, 2020 un behalf of Liberian President George Weah, who was instrumental in securing the properties according to the Superintendent.

Hon. Jerry Varnie

Speaking to residents of Unification Town, Superintendent Varnie said, the Liberian leader is proud and willing to listen to the cry of every Liberians, noting that the brain behind the legitimization of the Unification Town land is Margibi 2020 Senatorial candidate and Rep of district#2  Ivar K. Jones.

At the occasion, Margibi electoral district#2 Representative and Senatorial candidate of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC)  Ivar Jones said, a dream come through has being realized and effectuated after several years of efforts.

According to him, the Unification Town Land deed is more than 93 acres of land and every citizens in the area can now have access to legitimacy on where they were squatting after 70 years.

The Margibi District #2 Lawmaker indicated that before getting involve into the 2017 campaign activities, he conducted a survey to know why Unification Town that serves as a seat of the Roberts International Airport was under developed.

Ivar K. Jones

He said findings from his survey led him to knowing that the results of the under development of the Airport is as the result of people residing on squatter’s right.

Hon. Jones maintained that he propagated a campaign message that when elected he would ensure that the squatter’s rights are converted to legitimacy.

The district two Margibi county Lawmaker said a launched research by him to validate the ownership of the Unification Town Land reveals that the land was a public land.

Moreover, Jones said, when President Weah broke ground for the expansion of the RIA to ELWA road project, he thought that was a perfect occasion to petition the Liberian leader in line with Article 17 of the Liberian Constitution.

He said the President immediately responded to their petition, assuring him (Rep. Jones) that his people will have a place of their own; thereby asking him to work with Hon. Findley regarding the process.

Rep. Jones told reporters that when the process started he paid satellite and ground survey fees after which the land deed signed and probated was presented to them by the Liberia Land Authority, but have been waiting for the appropriate time to have it presented to the citizens of Unification Town.

“In 2017 when we were champing, we promised to represent your interest at both national and local levels, after 70 years of squatting we officially want to present this Land deed to you as part of our promises made my fellow citizens of Unification Town. Let me say, we are heading to the senate we need your support as you did in 2017 so we can represent the people of not only district#2, but the people of Margibi County.” Rep. Jones added.

Meanwhile, residents of Unification Town in district#2 Margibi County, have praised Rep. Jones and president Weah for the level of representation.

Speaking on behalf of the Unification Town residents, Mayor Samuel Berrian of Unification Town said through the intervention of Rep. Ivar K. Jones people can now go about building modern houses on their Land.

He added that unification Town has been underdeveloped for the past 70 years, where its residents have been afraid to build Modern houses because they were squatting.

“The people of Unification Town can now go about building Modern houses after 70 years, you can no longer be afraid to build. As you are aware, this place holds the Robert International Airport so we need modern Houses where international partners will trust the people of Liberia.” Mayor Berrian added.