“INHUMANE TREATMENT” MAMBAHN Locals Complains Firestone-Liberia


Firestone Liberia Company in Margibi County is reportedly denying locals free passage on their properties which is a preferred easy route for travelers in Divisions #4, 10 and 11 respectively.

The Mambahn Administrative District  where the company properties extend has over 52 towns and 88 villages.

Locals there are commercial farmers, and usually used the route to transport their goods to nearby markets including Harbel City to trade as a means of sustaining themselves.

The residents said, since the implementation of the “life-threatening” policy by the company, they have not been able to carry their goods out for sale, thereby leaving them to starve in their towns and villages.

“My brother, we are like slaves in our own country. The company has denied us passing through their plantation with our produce after farming and burning our charcoals. How do we get food for our children? This is a serious problem for us,” John Paygar, sorrowfully stated.

Worst of all the inhabitants said the company is demanding them to travel several miles to Harbel city, in Margibi County  to get official pass before using the more shorter route before getting their goods out; something the residents said is too costly.

The locals also narrated that they have officially communicated with their District Lawmaker, Representative Tibelrosa Summoh Tarponweh to flag their complaints.

When contacted, the Margibi-Electoral District #1 Lawmaker acknowledged receipt of such complaints and frowned on the situation, describing it as troubling, unacceptable and inhumane.

Representative Tarponweh, through a meeting held with his constituents from those affected towns and villages, said that he has already contacted Firestone Management to investigate and reverse such decision against his people.

According to him, the situation has led to the Company and his Office planning a visit for this Friday, March 12, 2021 within the Mambahn Administrative District to find amicable solution.

The Friday visit will also include a tour in some part of the towns and villages.

However, there were efforts made to get the official account from the Management of Firestone Liberia on the barrage of allegations but all of those efforts proved fruitless.

Investigation continues.


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