Invest In Arts And Culture To Develop Young People Potential, Pro Poor Government Urged


As the government strives to invest in the human capital of Liberia Which is key to any Country’s growth process there is also a need to launch a massive search for hidden and creative talents across the Country.

The move is to ensure that these talents are supported and can subsequently contribute immensely to the economy of their Nation through the end products their work.
One sector that is a sleeping giant but a potential resource arm to fast growth of Liberia’s economy is the arts and culture sector.

This sector can help generate more revenue for Liberia and attract huge investment as well as tourists once the talents in the sector are fully supported,promoted and trained through the advancement of their work,said Harry Buseh,an instructor of Arts and Craft at the Ganta United Methodist High School in Nimba County.

Well despite the challenges in realizing this huge dream there are some Liberians who are not detair but to continue their work with the hope that one day things will get better and one of such persons is Emmanuel Kollie.

Emmanuel a seventh grade student of the Ganta United Methodist School in Nimba County age 17 is hoping to be one of the best creative artists of Liberia only if the support to further advance his studies is realized.

Currently he is working on an Airplane project which is still far from completion due to necessary funding.
However since his introduction to the arts by his teacher Mr.Buseh,Emmanuel has two works to his credit thus far and has been highly praised for his creative performance, his instructor said.

Speaking to reporters student Kollie who named one of his works as the production of a mini motor bike explained that he just had a dream about the art and woke up smartly to begin the making of it.

The beautiful bike made of paper,glue,cartoons, motor couple with his God giving talent and skills took him about six months before final completion.

The bike which was on display during the just ended launch of the pro poor policy in Ganta City Nimba County caught the eyes of many Liberians who were shock to see such a wonderful work done by a young Liberian as the crowd just could not stop following Emmanuel and his teacher just to see the creative work over and again.
Both the bike and Aeroplane were on display but the bike was an amazing one as an employee of the Ministry of Transport only identified as Michael got interested and was able to lay his hands on it and promised work with Emmanuel and Mr.Buseh his teacher to see how best the Ministry can work with them to put smiles on their faces.
“I want to further advance myself but no support,Emmanuel said in a tragic tune.

He calls on national Government including the private sector and well meaning individuals in society to support him so that his dream can’t die especially at an early age.

Buttressing his statement was Teacher Buseh who noted that Liberia is a great nation but people have forgotten about human resource development.

He said he is planting the sea of aviation in the Country and is certain that very soon it will germinate and people of Liberia will reap the harvest.

Harry as a experienced person in the business since 1993 up till date has produced eleven works many of which are aeroplanes.
“I started in 1993 with baboons to fix an aeroplane but my current work which is now on display is made of cartoons,rim of sheets,glue, zinc and others”,he added.
His vision is to build a moving plane for people mainly Liberians to use and be proud that it is a Liberian production,Bushed told KMTV News.
I sometimes feel discouraged because of the lack of support and encouragement especially for the failure of many people to recognize our work,Buseh indicated.

However he noted that he is happy that a brilliant and talented kid Emmauel Kollie is coming after him and it is Emmanuel who helps renew his hope and confidence to continue working harder despite the lack of support.

Buseh said he is planning an exhibition program in Monrovia in December with the focus of generating some funds to continue his work.

As a means of initial sacrifice the Arts and Craft teacher on the back of his little white aeroplane inserted the logo of Orange Liberia with the hope of requesting some attention to seek sponsorship for his work even though he is yet to meet the GSM company.
He explained that it took him a year to complete the making of the plane only because of other activities aimed at helping him cater to his family but if he’s well focused and supported he can fix one plane in three to four months and possible three in one year.
Due to his extra skills and talent Mr.Buseh in 2010 was honored by the City Council in Boston,the United States of America through former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf since that time he has not made any further impactful progress.

He encouraged the pro poor government to see the investment of human capital with emphasis on arts and Craft and other creative areas as one of the ways to empower the young people and subsequently develop the Country.