Ireland Family Grieves Over Daughter’s Death; Pardons Alleged Murderer


The family of the late Precious Ireland says, they have forgiven the alleged murderer of their daughter.

Jovanus Oliver Turay, 16yrs male is currently behind bars awaiting trial after he allegedly shot to death his school mate Precious  at the Cy-Ed Christian School of Excellence with a 9mm pistol in Monrovia .

At the home going ceremony Friday in Monrovia, the father of the late Precious, who is one of Liberia’s professional medical Doctor, Philip  Ireland , made the remarks as jubilant crowd shouted happily  blessing God for their decision .

Said Dr. Ireland “As head of the family, we the family, we forgive Giovanni, his father and everybody that has to do with that family hundred percent.”

He said, as a servant of God they forgive the kid and family and don’t want any revenge as Liberians have witnessed blood shared, deep rooted hatred due to revenged.  “We don’t want anything, we don’t want blood for blood, we don’t want any revenge. Our country has seen too much of that, we forgive…we require nothing …

Sounding very unusual, Dr. Ireland blessed the alleged murderer and pray God’s blessing upon him and his unborn kid and which that he develops into a better father. “Infect to take one step forward, we blessed you, we pray for Giovanni,  we take one step further again,  we ask God he will be a better father , a better husband….  we will never serve the enemy, we hold to God that is our tribute for the beloved Precious ..God bless you all as we leave in peace.”

Dr. Philip Ireland, head of Internal Medicine at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Medical Center said, when the news brooked out over his daughter’s death, he and other family members were shocked.

The father of the deceased recollected how his daughter was loving and people center, demonstrated her unconditional love for others and care for him.

Dr. Ireland said,  when he was diagnosed with EBOLA and brought home, his late daughter Precious was by his sick bed and encouraging him to take treatment and eat  to gain strength during his recovery process. “ she used to feed me.”

Bracing the storm, the grieving father also reviled that his late daughter Precious was a musician and wrote several songs couple with interest in agriculture as she had numerous seeds breeding for planting prior to her death.

“She was a beautiful child and very kind and loving soul” Dr. Ireland repeated those comments as he told another story how she loves capturing moments with him at a tender age around five years.