Is President George Weah Really In Control? Liberians Wonder.


The current State of Affairs of Liberia which is getting increasingly complex daily is now beginning to raise concerns among the people of Liberia as to whether President George Weah is actual in control of the state from all spectrum.

Yes, they acknowledged that the current Government inherited a broken economy, yes they confirmed that there are some tangible progress been made by this Government to include: Road Development in some parts of Montserrado and other Counties, The Payment of WASSCE fees for all 12th graders which is still ongoing, Free Tuition for all Public Universities and Colleges for under graduate students, the addition of over 2,000 health workers on government’s payroll including increment in salaries of some civil servants, the construction of homes for fire victims in the Popo Beach Community and the ongoing over two hundred modern homes in Grand Kru County  as some of the achievements and many others, under the administration of President George Weah, however they pointed out that the core issues are yet to be addressed something they see as a minus of which, they doubt that if President Weah is actually in control.

In an exclusive cross section interview in central Monrovia with this media entity, the agitating Liberians argued that the minuses of this Government are huge than their prospects so far.

According to them most of the policy statements made by the Liberian leader in public during the middle of 2019 which should have address the key issues of the masses are yet to be fulfilled by the executors, this they believe that the president in their minds, is not in control.

“Follow- ups, monitoring and supervisions are key”, they noted, this they added are not being observed over the period by those relevant authorities.

They named the failure of rice importers in Liberia to fully and or  implement the previous meeting held with President Weah and his line ministers in order to reduce the nation’s staple food (RICE) price which is sky rocketing on the local market, the hike in transportation fare as well as the daily increase in petroleum product on the market which is now giving rise to the uncontrollable transportation fares of which they are mostly being affected among others as some of the direct issues affecting the masses of which they wondered if President Weah is really in control.

They reject claims in streets corner that some of the issues affecting the masses generally are purely political rather they think, it is not, but the present reality on the ground that is eating up the fabric of the society and needs to be addressed.

President Weah in one of his public statements Mentioned: “ I will not let you Down”, a statement they think should now be more practical than theoretical because they are desperately in need of total redemption from him as their true leader.

“We know you can do it so please do it now”, the concerned Liberians appeal to Dr. Weah.

According to the National Youth Movement for Transparent Election ( NAYMOTE) President Meter Project Policy brief 2019 disclosed ninety-two promises  contained in the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change manifesto, campaign speeches, policy statements delivered by President George Weah during his January 22, 2018 to July 26, 2019 respectively.

Out of the 92 promises according to the NAYMOTE project only six are rated completed, 38 considered ongoing 15 not rated due to the lack of available information and 33 not started.

The project intended to improve electoral accountability is among other things monitoring as well as tracking and releasing information about the CDC led government performances over the period.

Meanwhile the six completed projects are:Payment of the West African Examination Council (WAEC) fees for all students who sat the WAEC exams in 2017 across the country.

2.Renovation of the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital.

3.Passage of the Land Rights Act.

4.Reduction of salaries for public officials under the Executive Branch of Government.

5.Pavement of the Doe Community Road to Clara Town and

6.The completion of 50 new homes for fire victims in Popo Beach, New Kru Town.

As some efforts have been made by the CDC led government many still believe that more needs to be done as the multiplicities of protests over the period speaks volume of the difficulties the ordinary people are undergoing on a daily basis of which they are yet to be convinced that President Weah as a listening President, is really in control?

As the people continue to cry for deliverance from the CDC-led government, it is now imperative for President George Weah to take the bull by the horn and do the right thing necessary which will subsequently reassure the people that he is really in control, until then, they are now living in a state of hopelessness and desperation for survival at the detriment of the duty bearers.