Is The Liberian National Police Reactive Or Proactive?

Liberian National Police Making forceful arrest
Liberian National Police Making forceful arrest

KMTV has been reaching out to state securities since the news broke out about the alleged kidnapping /arrest of student leader Martin Kollie ,minutes following his graduation from the University of Liberia.

Our first official statement  from the Liberian National Police leaves a doubt about their mandate ” To maintain public order and safety; To protect people and property; To identify and recover lost and stolen property; To prevent, detect and fight crime; To identify and arrest criminals; and to enforce the law and testify in court.”

Police Spokesman Moses Carter, told KMTV  “There has been no formal statement to us from the family about Martin going missing”.

LNP Making forceful arrest
LNP Making forceful arrest

His statement is a complete contradiction of the LNP mandate which gives them the power to be the front line force of internal security in the fight against crimes, the protection of life and property, and in the maintenance of rule of law.

LNP Mandate
LNP mandate

The statement clearly suggest that the LNP is practicing a Reactive Police methodology because reactive policing can be defined as the police responding to specific requests from individuals or groups in the community which encompasses “immediate response to calls” and “follow-up investigations”. However, the rationale for routine patrol is not as straightforward.

In contrast, proactive policing involves the Police, acting on their own initiative, to develop information about crime and strategies for its suppression.

It is alleged that the student leader was snatched away by unknown secret state officers  around the SKD Boulevard in Congo Town, Liberia why heading to his home after the UL commencement ceremony.

Martin Kollie
Martin Kollie

Mr. Kollie is also a founding member of the group planning a massive protest on December 30, 2019 in the country.

Taking to social media as usual, Montserrado County Senator, Abraham D.Dillon question the CDC government silence on the matter almost a day since the incident.

Said Dillon, “Amid all the public outcry and after 24 hours, the State Security, particularly the Liberia National Police has not said a word about Martin Kollie reportedly being “missing” or allegedly “arrested by State Security”? How insensitive!!!

Liberians in and around the world mainly opposition of  George Weah government toke to the media in and out of the country damming the disappearance of Kollie.

KMTV is  making frantic efforts to speak to the family of Mr. Martin Kollie and other State securities .

Investigation continues.