”Is this the Monrovia we want?”


Citizens in Central Monrovia are still said to be doubtful about living a healthy life in a midst of living near open drainage containing feces and other toxic materials.

The residents believe living with such condition is an ‘’abomination to human development’’ that equates to the increase in death rate.

According to them, it is confusing that the City with a Youthful Major still experience unbearable situation unlike other cities.

Speaking to KMTV News, the concern citizens noted the for Monrovia City Corporation to double its effort if Liberia must relish the beauty of a City.

”A City must be a City” the aggrieved added.

Meanwhile, the chairman of sanitation at Block H0505 Benson, Lynph, Center and UN Drive has expressed frustration over what he calls “a life threat’’ against their livelihood.

According to James Varney a life surrounded by lot of open drainage and wastes will only increase health problems for them.

James in an emotional manner asked himself ”Is this the Monrovia we claimed”  , a regrettable statement that equates to the lose of expectation when “a young person (Major Jefferson Koijee)” is not perfecting the essence of city ordinance as expected.

Since they refuse to cover the drainage, we our selves at times mobilize and do cleanup campaign to help ourselves” he told KMTV News.

The Block H0505 Benson, Lynph, Center and UN Drive sanitation chairman added that major drainage like theirs can be covered in order to avoid environmental pollution.

”I don’t know why  Liberia remains defiant to upholding International Environmental Protection laws which she’s signatory to”, he said.

he is hopeful that his called which believes will track attentions of national and international to bring relief to their lives.