Isaac Krah Foundation Joins COVID-19 Fight, Donates To Less Fortunate Residents In District 8 Montserrado County


More support is said to be pouring in from concern Liberians and other organizations in a move to buttress Government effort in containing the further spread of the Virus.

On Wednesday the Isaac Krah foundation continue its distribution of hand washing materials to needed communities and people in district eight Montserrado County.

Speaking during exercise the chairman of the foundation Alfred Collins said the donation was the institution own way of contributing to fight against the disease.

The process which started last week he noted is benefiting hundreds of residents in district eight Montserrado County.

As part of their initiative Mr. Collins noted that some of the buckets will be posted at strategic areas within the district to ensure that more people benefit and fully participate in the active and regular hand washing protocols.

Displaying the buckets and other sanitary materials, Mr. Collins encouraged his people to use the items wisely and follow all health preventive measures in order to stay safe for the common good of the district and Country at large.

On Wednesday, the Chairman of the Isaac Krah Foundation disclosed that about three hundred buckets including detergents were presented to residents in the Slip Way, Rock Spring Valley communities while the 12th Street, Saye Town among other communities also benefited from the Foundation’s gesture.

The Foundation has over the period of existence in three years identified with schools and deserving students in local Communities, noted the Co. Chairman Stanley Kollie.

Mr. Kollie buttressing his head urged his people to stay safe, report all related health cases in their communities and desist from doubting the reality that the virus exist because it does and is taking away lives.



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