The Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation has clarified that recent salty taste from waters provided by the Institution was based on the reaction of the ocean and technical fault.

The problem, LWSC noted was not a technical problem as could be misunderstood in the media and the public domain.

As part of the assurance to the public, the entity took a team consisting of some top workers of the institution including cross section of journalists to illustrate reasons for such incident.

The tour as illustrated provided clarity on what has been misinterpreted by the public among waters provided by the entity.

The Entity through its Managing Director, Duanna Kamara explained that they are cognoscente of the importance save water and sanitation for the populace and as such they are best possibly working to assure Liberia gets the actuality of what the institution is meant for.

“I think we mean well for our people since our inception and we will not venture into habits that has the ability to ruin operations of the institution, the LWSC Boss told reporters.

Speaking to Journalists Tuesday at the White Plant, LWSC Managing Director, Duanna Kamara said the situation was as the result of climate change.

According to him, frantic efforts have been made to mitigate the disturbing circumstances that could hinder the building image of the entity.

Meanwhile, the Treatment and supply Manager at the at Liberia Water and Sewer White Plant said it is the second of its kind since over 40 years for such disturbing situation.

According to J. Korfeh Thomas, the situation occurs when the source of water (St. Paul River) at certain point gets dry and is forced back by the ocean thus making the river salty and uncomfortable for consumption.

The LWSC Technical Staff said “When the river goes to its abnormal direction, pushed by the ocean,and moreover dried, it outormatically turns salty’’.

Through technical and chemical methods, Mr. Thomas told the media that the technical team has been able to resolve the situation.

The LWSC Treatment and Supply Manager however remained unbending that the saltiness in rivers is most time caused by the ocean influence and the St. Paul River which is their source of water is no exception.   

“But we can assure the Liberia people that we have put in place technical and chemical measures to keep our promised made to secure the water we provide”, the Treatment and Supply Manager noted.

He at the same time assures the country that waters they are providing are now saved and ready for consumption.