Residents of Jallah Town Community early Monday morning blocked the main street demanding electricity supply from the Liberia Electricity Corporation.

The protest which prevented the free movement of people including the detour of cars in the area saw the protesters resolved and very unbinding in disrupting normal activities on the first working day.

At some point in time and as a sign of defiance to the rule of law some of the aggrieved protesters were seen playing Check-up and ludu, while others made their beds on the main road and gathered in groups chatting and   singing slogan, “bring back our current”.

The angry residents of Jallah Town Community said the issue is an old age one claiming that the LEC has refused to listen to their concerns.

Explaining further they alleged that since the burning of their community transformer despite countless effort to have it repair by the authorities of the LEC all has proven fruitless, a claim KMTV can’t independently verified.

“Our focus is to draw national Government attention mainly the president to ensure our plights are addressed”, they told KMTV News.

Meanwhile the LEC has repeatedly attributed the increase in power theft to the unavailability of the corporation to supply as well as connecting additional homes.

This is the second time huge residents stage a protest action demanding electricity supply from the LEC.

It can be recalled early this year, some residents of the township of Caldwell staged similar protest in demand of electricity.  

Though the government has plans to connect additional 40,000 homes in 2019 and 2020 respectively through the pro poor electricity deliverables but until that can happen and looking at the importance of the electricity supply the people are now resolve to pressure the LEC to provide them such crucial developmental service.