Jealousy And Envy In CPP Hierarchy” Rep. Yekeh Kolubah Alarms…


Barely a day after he suspended his membership with the Collaborating Political Parties, tought talking Montserrado County District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah, has disclosed the hierarchy of the CPP is faced with a serious problem that the Liberian people must be aware off.

Speaking to reporters in his District office Friday, Rep. Kolubah named jealousy and envy among political leaders of the Unity Party, Liberty Party, Alternative National Congress and the All Liberian Party, as two factors that could hamper the progress of their collaboration.

“The CPP has problems, there is jealousy and envy among the leaders that they do not want to tell you people, and I am not going to suffer for it”, He disclosed.

Rep. Kolubah who appeared relatively different from his usual interaction with the media, failing to take questions, noted that his decision to suspend  membership with the CPP steams from what he termed as adornment by its officials.

“I have been threatened on many occasions. I went to Grand Gedeh, the people almost took away my life and I have not gotten any support of the collaborating parties” Rep. Kolubah noted.

He said, whenever the hierarchy of the group is contacted, he is always told as a member of the ANC, he should have his party handle his situations; making specific reference to the Grand Gedeh situation.

The Montserrado Lawmaker also frowned on CPP lawmakers on Capitol Hill, who he said are not in support of him on many issues.

“I have not been paid to do what I am doing, my job is to advocate for the people, and if I will have to advocate as an individual or and independent candidate, we are getting to the point” he asserted.

He disclosed that a recording in his possession has threat from his former aide only know as Keita who vowed to get at him, but up to present the Ministry of Justice is yet to take action, while the CPP is also keeping mute and not lending him the support needed as its member.

Meanwhile, Rep. Kolubah has vowed not to speak to the press until January 2021, at which time he will announce his next political move, which he said will be done without fear or favor.



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