Jefferson Koijee officially confirms as first youngest City Mayor of Monrovia.


The City Mayor designate of Monrovia Jefferson T. Koijee has been confirmed by the Liberian Senate.
Mayor Koijee now becomes Monrovia City Mayor Proper.

He succeeds Clara Doe- Mvogo, who served for nearly five years after Mary Broh’s administration.
Koijee is the first Mayor to be confirmed by the Liberian Senate since the end of the 14years of civil war.
The Liberian Senate declined to confirm Mary Broh and her successor Clara Mvogo, after the body felt disenchanted over circumstances surrounding madam Broh’s conduct. As a result of the Senate’s decision Friday Koijee’s name has been forwarded to the office of the President.

All members of the Senate Committee members on Internal Affairs and Good Governance unanimously signed to confirm Mayor Jefferson T Koijee.
Koijee’s confirmation follows an articulate presentation before the Senate’s Committee on Internal Affairs and Good Governance Friday, February 9, 2018.
At the hearing, Koijee, a powerful, influential Youth Whig Leader of the ruling CDC promised to run a participatory system at the Monrovia City Corporation.
He told the Senators that “every Citizen regardless of his/ her Political , religious and tribal differences would be involved in the transformation and governance of the City especially in maintaining of its beautification”.
”Team work inclusive of the involvement of the people living on the margin of society is the surest way to improve and impact a developing City called Monrovia”.
Mayor Koijee promises was to launch a “180 day clean and green City Campaign” with support from the government and Partners. This, he noted, will help maintain cleanliness of Monrovia and provide job opportunities for Young People who will be recruited from communities and Universities.
The project he noted will be implemented in every Community of Monrovia and environs especially the densely populated Commercial hub of Duala.
With respect to keeping Central Monrovia clean, Mayor Koijee said he will work with members of the Legislature to revisit city law to conform to current day realities.
The youthful Mayor concluded that he will work with relevant agencies and authorities including the Ministry of Public Works to protect Zoning laws as well as partner with the police to protect lives and properties within the city limit.