Jeremiah Sulunteh Quits ANC Over Party’s ‘Undemocratic Procedures’


By: Joseph Titus Yekeryan (Bong County Correspondent)

Alternative National Congress (ANC) Vice Standard Bearer Jeremiah Sulunteh Wednesday stepped down from his post, citing undemocratic procedures in the party as the major reason for his resignation.

“My conviction for this decision was predicated on the margins of a continued political betrayal of me by the party and its leadership, since December 2019, in my bid for the Bong County Senatorial elections slated for December 2020,” the former ANC Vice Standard Bearer said.

He alleged that the ANC as part of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) agreement has failed to conduct primaries across the country to pick candidates to contest on the party’s ticket. Instead, the Former Liberian Diplomat said the ANC is collaborating with the other parties handpicked candidates for some counties, something he said runs contrary to democratic tenants.

Even though Mr. Sulunteh did not name his new political home but told journalists that he is currently having a consultation with his family and supporters ahead of the elections.

Meanwhile, ANC Political leader Alexander Cummings acknowledged Jeremiah Sulunteh’s resignation and wished him well in his new political journey

“Today, we received and accepted the resignation of my friend, brother, and former running mate Amb. Jeremiah Sulunteh from the ANC. Amb. Sulunteh is without a doubt one of Liberia’s best sons and a seasoned diplomat and public servant. His service to our country and our party is admirable and highly appreciated. However, we recognize that sometimes, our journies with people we have grown to know, respect, and admire must diverge.“

Cummings said the ANC had hoped and planned to carry Amb. Sulunteh as its candidate for Bong County in the upcoming senatorial race but unfortunately the party lost Bong County to another constituent party during the consensus-building process, and as such, they can not field a candidate in Bong as a party.

He said in his statement that the party has to make some sacrifices and compromises as a member of the CPP just as other parties did.

“I am saddened by the resignation of Mr. Sulunteh, but I also understand he has a political career to nurture and protect. We have been nothing but open and honest with all of our candidates throughout this process and had hoped we would all understand the dynamics of collaboration,” Summing said.

He promised to maintain the friendship and camaraderie with his former running mate and urge all partisans of the ANC and members of the CPP to refrain from attacking Amb. Sulunteh personally, directly or indirectly.

The ANC leader justified that Mr. Sulunteh is exercising his constitutional rights of association, and trust and believe he has made the best decision for himself.

However, Political Commentators in Bong County have seen the resignation of Ambassador Sulunteh from the ANC as a clear picture of his withdrawal from the upcoming elections.

If Mr. Suluteh doesn’t contest, it will be his third time backing off an electoral process since 2011.

The Former Liberian Ambassador claims to have withdrawn from the 2011 general and Presidential elections due to an appeal from former Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

In 2014, barely six months to the special senatorial elections, Ambassador Sulunteh step -aside on grounds that people in the County again appealed to him not to contest but should rather wait for another election and similar was repeated in 2018 senatorial by-election after he felt betrayed by the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) which he thought would have supported him just six months after he gave his support to President George Manneh Weah during the runoff election in Liberia.