Jupiter Construction to Complete Timbo River Bridge Project Soon


The Contractor of the Jupiter Construction Company Floyd Thomas says despite media reports; progress has been made on the ongoing Timbo River Bridge Project.

According to him, the Project which has been challenged due to the rainy season is said to be in it’s concluding stages.

Mr. Thomas speaking to reporters during a tour of the project assured the media that the Timbo River Bridge will soon be completed. He added that with proper maintenance, the Bridge will last for 80-100

He said the American made Steel Bridge is up to international standards and weights up to 200 tons and is as well capable of taking a massive weight of 85 tons.

Also Speaking during the tour of the bridge project, Public Works Minister, Mobutu Nyenpan said he was impressed with the massive progress of the project.

He told reporters that due to the importance of the Bridge, the Government of Liberia places serious focus on its swift completion and dedication of the bridge.

The Public Works boss said the project is part of three bridges, namely: Timbo, Sanquehn and Cestos River currently under construction.

He said the government is equally concerned of its people and is doing everything possible to improve their welfare.

Minister Nyenpan puts the amount of the three belly bridges at over 3 to 4million United States Dollars.

Meanwhile, Grand Bassa County Superintendent Janjay Baikpen promised to put in place all necessary security  mechanisms  to avoid the undermining of the bridge by illegal sand miners.

“ We will take all necessary action legally possible to bring to book, illegal sand miners”

Mr. Beikpen urged his kinsman to now help government in taking care of government projects in the supreme interest of all of them.

He commended President Weah for all always responding to the most essential needs of the people.

Currently residents and passengers in the area are using canoes to transport goods and services as a result of the ongoing project as prices of basic commodities are sky rocketing but the people are hopeful that upon completion of the bridge, things will return to normal soon.

It can be recalled in 2017 national government signed a contract with Jupiter Construction Company for the construction of three belly bridges, namely; Timbo River Bridge, Cestos River Bridge and Sanquehn Bridge both of which have over lived its usefulness.