Just Sam Captures American Idol 2020

Samantha Diaz

Dressed in a silky robe during her first song, Samantha Diaz brighten the smiles of all supporters who were seated at the edge of their seats awaiting her life changing moment.

The song ‘Stronger’ (what doesn’t kill you ) by Kelly Clarkson resonated with many as her lyric came out perfectly like a super star.

Each finalist performed two songs and viewers voted live for their favorites.

Samantha and Arthur Gunn, emerged as the two finalists out of seven contestants in the American idol .

Holding a table computer closed to her chest with her grandmother viewing and anxiously awaiting the result, came the big moment as host Ryan Seacrest , looked in the camera, bowed his head and again looked back into the camera and said “after a nationwide vote the next American idol for 2020 is “Just Sam.”

Samantha Diaz and Grand Mother Elizabeth celebrate the life changing moment

“Oh my God!… Oh my God!.. she shouted to enable her adopt the result and wake up to reality that she’s the next American Idol, a dream she so desired.

The Host Rayn asked “Sam, is your grandma there?” Her grand mother, Elizabeth viewing from her lonely home in New York , USA, lifted her hands in the air, shouted with joy as she embraced herself.

Country music star Luke Bryan, was seeing clapping over the result while Lionel Richie give a standing applause to appreciate ‘Just Sam’ the singer; Katy Perry smiling to the result also.

Very appreciative for her success, Samatha Diaz said, “ This is a dream come true, my grandmother thank you, thank you so much America , I would have not ever, ever expected this, thank you, thank you.”

The only female judge in the America Idol 2020 , Katy Perry said “You’re never going to go back to singing on the subway unless you want to go and just, like, do it for fun.”

Just Sam age 20-year-old before capturing the American Idol was a subway singer who was adopted by her Grandmother Elizabeth in New York, USA.

Samantha Diaz , singing in New York subway yrs ago

Wasting no time she posted in her Facebook group page highly dominated by Liberians and said, “Before I close my eyes to go to sleep, I just want to say thank you so much to you all for this win! This is truly a win for the kingdom of GOD & I’m just so grateful for this. Thank you all for supporting me this whole way through and praying for me and rooting for me! Thank you all so so much for EVERYTHING! Me and my family are BEYOND GRATEFUL. I don’t even have the words to express it but I really do love you all and I am so happy to have made it all the way to the top of American idol. I couldn’t have done this with out all of you and my family and friends!! Thank you so so much! ” she concluded .

Meanwhile, her lead campaigners, Michael Padmore and Glendy Gee Reeves, also praised fans for their support to ‘Just Sam’ as voting played a very crucial role in making the rising star a winner in the America Idol 2020.

Mr. Padmore wrote, “Thanks to all of you without whom this would not have been possible! What a journey! We did it!!” .

Many Liberians have taken to social media commending the star for her excellent performance and realizing that dreams do come to reality once you keep pushing harder and not giving up.