“Just Sam” Is In Top 7 of American Idol

Samantha Diaz ( Just Sam)

Professionally known as “Just Sam”  rocked the stage when judges announced her one of the top 7 contestants who were eagerly awaiting to move on to the next round in the famous and prestigious American Idol.

“A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes” Was  one of the songs performed by Samantha Diaz, 20 years old, who was raised by her Liberian Grand Mother in New York, USA.

Samantha Diaz

Her beautiful rich tone is just pleasing to the ears whenever she sings, judges for the competition, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan described her as a shining star and said they believes in her ability.

Meanwhile, as she leaps to the big 7 group in the American Idol, the singer lead mobilizer committee officials, Michael Padmore and Glendy Gee Reeves , appearing on KMTV urged Liberians , Africans and the world to vote “Just Sam”  saying, they believe in her ability to promote the continent and help talented kids.

Mr. Padmore and Mrs. Reeves urged everyone to Text 19 to 21523. “ You can vote up to 10 times via text and also emails to enable her to reach the next 5 in American idol.”

Glendy Gee Reeves
Michael Padmore

According to them voting plays a very crucial role in the competition process. “10 votes on the “American Idol” app, 10 votes online at americanidol.com/vote or 10 votes via text messages (text the number “19” to 21523).”

In the documentary, Sam, Underground, Just Sam revealed that singing on the trains saved her life.

Samantha Diaz love for God cannot be over emphasized as she has proven it several times in public places . on ABC Network during last night live show upon announcing her name in the next stage she shouted “ Thank You Jesus…..”

Having a deep root to Africa “ Just Sam” said, she has study a lot about the continent and Liberia and to always remember her African people and history, she has placed a tattoo on her body “The Map of Africa”  to remind her about her root each day.


Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer of  Kreative Mind Television (KMTV) Mr. Randall Jackson,  has assured “Just Sam” and all talented Liberian kids that his institution is open to boost their talents as he urged all to vote for Samantha Diaz (Just Sam)  in the competition.

KMTV-USA head Mr. Cyrus Mcgee, also said voting plays a crucial role in the American Idol next stage.

KMTV-USA head Mr. Cyrus Mcgee

“If you want Sam to make it into next week’s Season 18 finale, you need to vote before the cutoff time at 9am ET/6am PT on Monday, May 11, 2020.