KARNPLA: Kids Mysteriously Sinks in  Pit Well


By: Nathaniel Success Topkah

At least two infants, Angie Laywehyee and Mamie Troy, below the ages of two have reportedly gotten drowned in an opened Well in Karnplay, Nimba County.

The heartbreaking incidence occurred at about 2pm Sunday afternoon in one the City’s infamous communities called Kampala.

Angie Laywehyee was one-year-ten-month-old and Mamie Troy, was  age one-year two months who met their untimely death according to reports playing in the front of their house and later went at the back of the yard.

Archie Laywehyee, a father of one of the deceased who is a motorcyclist was having his afternoon nap because of his injury from a recent accidence, while his fiancée went on an errand to the market.

The both parents of the other child were also not around during the time of the unfortunate incidence.

Information gathered is that Angie and Mamie headed behind the house to continue playing and there was nobody around the vicinity to watch over the kids.

” It appeared apparently the other [Mamie], who is a crawling child may have dropped in the well first and the little older one [Angie] was trying to help and rescue her playmate.” James Mataldi a Journalist who visited the scene told our Correspondent.

The corpses of the kids were later discovered behind the house by one of the victims’ father [Archie], in the pond.

According to Archie, who is the father of Angie, he discovered the remains in the well after he got outside searching for the kids.

Kids living in the area are mostly at risk due to the uncovered wells that are scattered all across their communities.

It can be referenced that a child also got drowned in the same area last year.

The report also revealed that police in Karnplay have launched an investigation into the situation to properly ascertain what really went wrong.

” The police have set up a 15-man jury inclusive of community leaders to look into the matter to find whether the children actually died of drowning.” Journalist Mataldi continued.

It is reported that most inhabitants in the Karnplay areas often carelessly leaves their Well open behind their houses, something which endangers the lives of young children.

Most communities in the city lack proper hand pump, therefore, most people use the wells as an alternative for fetching water usually to be used for food preparation, washing of clothes amongst others.

With the latest situation, dwellers of the Kampala Community which is the largest trading area in electoral District #3 of Nimba, are in a state of mourning following the Sunday afternoon misfortune.

Majority of its inhabitants primarily survived on farming and trade.