“Keep Politics Out of Health Issues” Says, Health Minister Dr. Jallah


The Minister of Health, Dr. Whilmina Jallah, is calling for a halt to all forms of political comments towards health-related issues in Liberia as she appeals to health workers to resume work.

Currently, health workers across Liberia are carrying out a nationwide health strike, due to government refusal to settle their financial obligation.

Speaking at the Ministry of Information regular press briefing Thursday in Monrovia, Dr. Jallah called for a dialogue to settle their concerns.

According to the Health Minister, some of the issues raised by Liberian health workers are things been discussed and the government is working on their demands which some are long, medium, and short term issues that need to be handle carefully, in order not to thwart the gains made.

Dr. Jallah said the health workers are calling for an increase in salaries, reclassification of health workers, redeployment and transfer policy, the blueprint of employment, compensation of health workers especially those who were affected by the COVID-19.

According to the Minister, the Ministry is to meet with the leadership of the health workers tomorrow Friday by 12:00 noon for a discussion concerning the workers.

She added that MOH has initiated professional health practitioners volunteering to help solve the health issues in the country.

When asked about Information Minister’s statement to health workers, Dr. Jallah said, politic cannot be mixed with health issues, but appealed to the health workers to return to work and save lives are they discuss with their leadership.

In another sad development, Dr. Jallah raised an SOS call to families who lost their love ones to COVID-19 while working, to meet with the ministry and take with them proper identification, stating the victims were five in number.

On the issue of travel, the Health Minister warned that those wanting to travel should be tested early in order to get their certificate on time.

Liberia total COVID-19 cases as of Thursday are 13,333, also the number of people who have been tested for COVID stands at over 20,474 persons.