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Kriterion Monrovia ends 2018 Europe Liberian film festival in grand style.

Liberia a Country blessed with natural resources with a population of little over four million people yet half of the population is poor despite the huge natural resources.
Almost all sectors of the Country are paralyzed due to diverse reasons ranging from bad governance,poor leadership ability and lack of political will amongst others.
Well in the wake of these challenges one thing is key hope and change can return to the Country especially with international support and with the utilization of the skills and talents of the youthful population something the European Union delegation to Liberia has observed over the period and is poised to put smiles on the faces of the Country’s savior,the young people.
At the climax and grand finale of the 2018 Europe Liberian film festival Charge’d’ affaires of the European Union Emma Sundblad praised the young people of Liberia mainly those who attended the two weeks activities for show casing extraordinary skills and talents something she noted was amazing.
In a drive to see the vision of these kids become a reality the EU has disclosed plans for the construction of the first ever ArtHouse Cinema in Liberia at the end of 2018.
The special enterprise ArtHouse Cinema to be manage by a non for profit and student led voluntary group Kriterion Monrovia will be a hub and a platform for promoting human rights, social development, culture as well as cultural heritage in Liberia.
The EU believes that culture plays a significant role in uniting people as well as the promotion of social exchanges and human rights, this they are fully committed to,Emma added.
2018 is the European Union year of promoting human rights and cultural heritage.
The 2018 festival organized by Kriterion Monrovia targeted two Counties (Montserrado&Margibi) and five venues namely:William V.S.Tubman High School on 12th street in Sinkor,West Point Town Hall,the Borough of New Kru Town hall,Paynesville Community School in Joe Bar,Paynesville Community and the Booker T. Washington Campus in Kakata Margibi County.
Several movies were screened both from Liberia, Mali,Kenya,Sweden,Italy and France among others.
In Liberia for example a documentary called Silas was screened show casing the mismanagement of the Country’s natural resources at the detriment of the ordinary people.
The movie also created the awareness to the participants on the importance of passing the land right bill into law as well as the benefits of it including the risk involved if the bill is not legislated,
The festival also educated young people about Migration and desperation of travelling from one Country to another especially illegally.
Additional the program showed how with unity and focus mind despite political, religious background people can achieve one goal as was seen in one of the documentaries called:Killed the devil back to hell,Noble Laureate Leymah Gbowee led a group of determined women who advocated for peace talks to be held to ensure an end to Liberia’s civil unrest and despite the challenges the women stood tall and did achieve their goal.
Moreover,talent through dancing as was seen in one of the documentaries from Sweden it also brought two ladies from Uganda and Ethiopia together as they were monitored and supervised by the Swedish people.
Land right issues,human right issues, importance of cultural promotion/exchanges, illegal migration,mismanagement of natural resources, climate change and many others were key messages the 2018 Europe Liberian film festival was targeting.
The festival second of it’s kind in Liberia was organized by Kriterion Monrovia.
According to the project coordinator Pandora Hodge the entire project was a concept from Netherlands after the end of World War two,students at the time in 1945 in Netherlands came together to work and improve their skills and talents through artistic and cultural related activities something that drew her attention and as a determine person saw the need to domesticate such concept in Liberia.
She praised the European Union, Swedish Embassy for supporting the talents as well as programs relating to human rights and cultural heritage in Liberia.
Miss.Hodge challenged the young people of this Country to remain focus, discipline and determine in their quest to achieve their goal.
She encouraged them to work adding that upon the completion of the ArtHouse Cinema in Liberia soon many of their skills and talents will come to light and be improve upon internationally.
Meanwhile in June guests from the Netherlands are expected in the Country to tour the proposed Jallah Town site and subsequently return home to begin preparation for the construction of a dream come through ArtHouse Cinema by Kriterion Monrovia.
Julius Konton
Julius Kontonhttps://kmtvliberia.com
I am Julius N. Konton Sr. a young and creative Liberian Journalist with over ten years of practical experience in the field of Journalism both from the electronic and print media end respectively. I earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communication with emphasis in Political Science and also achieved several awards and certificates in the field of Journalism. Email: julius.konton@gmail.com Cell: +231776311835/+231886959548

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