LACC Vice Chairman Wants Public Officials Declare Assets


Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission Vice-Chairman Cllr. Kanio Bai Gbala is urging public officials to declare their Assets.

Cllr. Gbala said assets deceleration is key to the fight against corruption and major quest for the smooth operation of the institution.

β€œWe’re still encouraging public officials working in the government that they’re ought to declare their assets. If we ourselves are following what the law says, then we expect that others will follow willingly not by pressure. If you are involved with contracting processes, if you’ve been into offices before, you ought to declare,” Cllr. Bai Gbala said.

Speaking recently at the Information Ministry regular press briefing, he said although prosecution is necessary for deterrence in the fight against corruption, forging a collective agenda and commitment in the process will enhance the proper working of the institution.

β€œEverybody is saying prosecution is necessary as a deterrence, but there are other important ways, a very innovative way that ensures it works that we are into the fight against corruption; we at the LACC, we are very much resolved.”

The LACC Vice-Chair boasted that the institution has the capacity to properly prosecute corrupt people, stressing also that there is a very high commitment from the George Weah led government to ensure they at LACC carry out their work.

He wants public officials not to be deviants to what the LACC is trying to achieve and called on them to forge a collective agenda as corruption is not a victimless crime.