Liberian President George Manneh Weah onΒ  Wednesday December 2, 2020 broke ground for the construction of another 100 Pro poor housing units in Nimba County starting with the Pawpaw village.

The village was established in the 1950s and currently about 300 residents are in fifteen huts in the area.

Speaking at the ground breaking ceremony, Mr Weah named himself as “bad village medicine” because Β it is his wish for every Liberian to live a better life.

He expressed disappointment over the living condition of the people saying” if the people have been living in such conditions since the 50s,it shows they never had a leader”.

The President informed the people that he lived such life in 1975 and by the grace of God his life has change in a positiveway so in that lite, he will ensure Liberians live a better life.

Mr Weah mentioned that his presidential Pro poor project is going to affect all the fifteen counties of the country. The Liberian leader said, it is his wish every Liberian live in a house with basic facilities including electricity and air condition.

The Liberian leader added that, living in a hut with out bathroom and kitchen or sitting room is not a good life to boost about. The president promised to change the life of his people.

President George Weah thanked the leadership and people of Nimba County for allowing him gave back to his people what they long deserved.

TheΒ  President also encouraged Nimbians to vote Jeremiah Koung as Senator come December 8th, 2020 at the pools.

Also speaking was the Liberian Agency for Community Empowerment Executive Director Pepsi Yekeh, who mensioned that the project will begin within five days and funding for the project has already be provided by the President.

Mr Yekeh said, the housing units which is two bed roomsΒ  will be modern and contains electricity, bathroom, sitting room, front and back porches, amongst others.

The LACE Boss also disclosed that, all material for the construction of the housing units will be purchase from Nimba business owners as aΒ move is to promote Liberian business.

Mr Yekeh at the same time mentioned that, LACE and it construction team will work with the Ministry of Youth and Sports Vocational students in the county as a means of creating job for young Liberians.

LACE Executive Director promised that the people of Nimba are going to build their own homes and will be pay.

At the same occasion, Nimba County Senior Senator Prince Y. Johnson,thanked the Liberian leader for the development in his county.

Senator Johnson said it is clear that President has not turn his back on the people of Nimba.

He assured the President of retaining his seat come 2023 elections because of his developmental attitude towards the people of Nimba and Liberia at large.

Meanwhile, Senatorial asparent Jeremiah Koung said, he has also taken the developmental matle.

He said where ever he goes there is a development within that area, stressingΒ  he’s not suprise when LACE chose Pawpaw village as part of the communities chosen for the President Pro poor housing units.

Mr Koung thanked the President for the development to the county and pledge the people of Nimba support to his government.

The Town chief of Pawpaw village Saturday Darkina, thanked the President for his gift to the community.

The project is also going to take three months.