Laraamand Nyonton Calls for National Boycott of Independence Day Celebration


A Liberian politician, Amb. Laraamand Nyonton, is calling on Liberian citizens to boycott this year’s independence day celebration that is less than a week away.

Speaking to journalists in a press conference via mobile phone, Amb. Nyonton said independence to Liberians is not just about commemorating a single day, but a day of sober reflection.

“For students across our nation, it means having access to affordable and quality education, for young people across Liberia, it means empowerment and availability of vocational and technical institutions,”

Amb Nyonton added that independence is not also just celebrating forefathers’ legacy instead, it is giving back the dignity of women and girls who continue to be raped backed by the culture of impunity.

“For women and girls across our nation, Independence means giving back the dignity of women and girls in Liberia, and putting to an end to the woeful social and moral decadence spelled in the sporadic raping of our young girls backed by the culture of impunity,” he said.

The Liberian politician said he and other like-minded citizens will not join this government in celebrating what he described as “a wasteful celebration.” 

“What is true about our examination of the last two and the half years under Weah, is that life has only changed dramatically for Nathaniel McGill, Samuel Tweah, Jefferson Koijee, and high-up guardians of their revolution, but it has never changed for the ordinary masses of our people until the lives of the common citizens improve, there is no need for celebration,” Amb. Nyonton said.

He alleged that the president cares for himself only and not the ordinary people. Amb. Nyonton also cited massive corrupt practices by government officials which is ravaging the country’s economy, as one of his reasons to call for a boycott of the July 26, celebration.