“LAS” Announces Major Decrease In Stigmatization Of Its Members,Terms Media Report On Employees Salaries Transfer As False And Politically Motivated


The Executive Director of the Liberia Albino Society Patricia Logan has announced a massive reduction on the Stigmatization of its members.

According to madam Logan many Liberians unlike in the past are now seeing people living with albinism as partners,family and friends in various communities.
She attributed the improvement of their old age night mare to consistent outreach activities which were done by her members over the period.
” I am some how release due to this big challenge which we have now crossed over”,she added.
Lack of information,awareness and high illeteracy rate were some of the major reasons for the issue of discrimination and Stigmatization amongst her counterparts something that is now a different story.
The LAS boss at the same time calls for more awareness and sensitization in different communities across the Country to ensure that the population of Liberia see them as one.
The non for profit,non political body head( Patricia Logan) also termed as untrue and misleading media reports that she has transferred employees salaries into her personal account.
” I don’t have authority to do that because every employee has his or her own bank account at UBA bank and they often go there to do transaction once they receive an alarm from the bank through text messages,moreover, i am not the financial person and is not involve into financial matters,so this is very far from the truth”,Patricia noted.
Explaining further she pointed out that if that was her practice the government will not continue to support her initiative because national government is fighting against corruption,abuse of public funds and is promoting transparency and accountability across the nation.
She said the allegation is political and she will not further dignify it because her group is non political as she will remain focus to work in the supreme interest of the people.
Madam Logan recognizes some financial challenges which they are facing,indicating clearly that it is a national issue which is gradually been addressed by national government.
” We have some issues,but we are dialoging with the government to see the need to help us,but it’s far from politics, maintaining that she has not and will never be involve into corruption because it’s not part of her upbringing neither her DNA.
“LAS” has over the period since existence in 2009 been randering free and affordable health care services to its members,disadvantage groups,women,children,old folks and many more,a focus she uttered she will continue to do in buttressing government’s pro poor agenda in the health sector.
The LAS boss also re-emphasized the need for more support to be given to them especially from some foreign partners due to their contribution to society as well as their hair,skin and eye challenge and or condition which they mainly experienced during the dry season.
Madam Logan who as a result of the misinformation in the media shut down “LAS” health facility in Bensonville but however assured the public that they are working on modalities mainly new and closer nurses to ensure the reopening of the clinic soon.