Laughable, Old Age Syndrome, Press Secretary Brands Former VP Statement


War of words have again surface in the political corridors of the Country following recent statements by Former Vice President of Liberia Joseph Nuymah Boakai that he supports among other  things the plan December 30, 2019 protest.

According to Ambassador Boakai it is the Constitutional right for people to assemble and express their views on pressing national issues as such he encouraged national Government to provide security for its people because other did the same as well something among other things the Presidential Press Secretary Isaac Solo Kelgbeh branded as unfortunate.

Ambassador Boakai at a recent news conference also called for accountability relative to the 16billion dollars saga but in sharp reaction, Mr. Kelgbeh wonders why will the former VP ask for accountability when he was then the President of the Liberian Senate at which time under his watchful eyes permission was giving for the printing of monies.

“Maybe he has forgotten and I think it is due to old age”, Solo noted.

He described the former VP statement as laughable and called on him and other eminent citizens of the Country to desist from making comments that will incite the people against their democratically elected government and leaders.

Mr. Kelgbeh explaining further pointed out that it was the former Government of former VP Boakai that has created some of the problems of which this government inherited and is now greatly affecting the masses.

“The UP led Government owned the Liberia Electricity Corporation 8b and this Government is now working hard to pay said huge debt, “the UP led Government brought untold sufferings on the masses, make them  unemployed something the CDC led Government is trying to fix and or address as such there should be no reasons to mount pressure on the current administration neither to politicize just everything”, he added.

The recent statement by former VP Boakai has been sharply reacted to by many in the political corridors of the Country with some supporting his statement while others think it is not timely and in not the best interest of the current peace process.

Amb. Boakai since 2017 and up till press time has been accredited with two most famous quotes namely: “We squandered our opportunities and finally” If you want to know the strength of a race car, do not keep it in the garage, rather, put it on the road.

In another development President George Weah has recommitted his government’s effort to the fight against Gender Base Violence across the Country.

As feminist in chief, the Liberian leader pledged to promote women activities as well as the protection of their rights including their empowerment among others.

The 16 Days of activism against Sexual Gender Base Violence which ends later  Today with Human Rights Day is being held under the theme: Stop the Violence, Make the Change as President Weah used the occasion to encourage the Justice System to try in fast tracking sexual gender base violence cases across the Country to ensure that justice is dispense freely and fairly to all especially the victims.