Lawmaker Francis Dopoh Wants Direct Investment In Liberia’s Agriculture Sector To Improve The Economy


In the wake of addressing short and long term solutions of Liberia’s struggling economy, the Chairman of Rivergee County Legislative Caucus Francis Dopoh says direct investment in the agriculture sector is the surest way to go.

In said regard he wants a specific amount to be set aside for each County and district to ensure the tangible impact of direct investment in the sector is felt to core.
According him working in the agriculture sector for its effective implementation is a win,win,situation for all Liberians.

He said the sector has a great potential to grow,improve the economy including providing massive employment for the young people.
The Rivergee Lawmaker said he will in this 2019 as part of their priority issues at the House of Representatives Lobby with his colleagues to see the need to support the sector for the benefit of the people and Country at large.

Dopoh admits that the government is moving forward contrary to critics assesrtions evidence of trade,taxation amongst others which he noted is laudable and are making some marks in the Country.

However he recommends the review of the entire trade sector to help further boost the economy.

He named dry ports to include: Nimba and Lofa and many more to be used as dry ports where goods and services can also be transported which he pointed out will help contribute towards raising needed revenue for the Country which will in addition help improve the nation’s economy.
Mr.Dopoh told reporters that facilities of APM terminals in some parts of Liberia which he added are welcoming but are not enough as there is a need for the Government to look into other avenues to help fast track development and other activities across Liberia.
At the same time Representative Dopoh encourages the young people to now get involved totally into volunteerism.
He said if young people see the importance of rendering public service to society it will help prepare them for national and international task as well as obligations.
According to him it is sad and a bad practice or tendency where young people will always have to do something with the primary focus of receiving in returns, something he noted should be discouraged across the Country.
As of 2019 the Rivergee Lawmaker added that he will prioritize: Education,Agriculture and health as crucial issues for national growth.
Members of the 54th national legislature he informed reporters will not be unnecessarily combatic as some people of Liberia will want them to be but rather they will be constructively combatic in engaging relevant stakeholders and actors with the aim of putting the interest and agenda of the people first.
He warned members of the executive to put their paper works together as they will in the coming months be very robust in monitoring and tracking activities of the executuve in a check and transparent balance approach.

He was quick to point out that Rivergee County is challenged especially with the 200,000 the county received in the national budget as County development funds which he noted is limited to address the pressing needs for them especially when the government is indebted to them in the tune of 1( one) million,nevertheless,he is hopeful of additional legislative fundings to the County to help address some of the needs of the people of Rivergee County.

As for his own initiative which is said to be in the making but was hasten to say that he is working on improving the cocoa sector in his County and district to be specific.