Lawmakers, Government Officials and Traditional First place holder, LNP, Rated “Most Corrupt In Liberia.


A report released by the Center for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia has rated several institutions in the Country as most corrupt. The organizations include the Liberia National Police, the Legislature and several unnamed government officials. In previous reports, the LNP was named most corrupt entity on three successive occasions, now joined by Lawmakers and other officials of government.

The report says more than 47 thousand respondents across 35 African Countries were interviewed on their perceptions about corruption and direct experiences with bribery between September 2016 and September of 2018. The results according to CENTAL, show more than half of all citizens accounting for 55% think corruption is getting worse in their Countries and that their governments are doing bad job at tackling it. 23% told Transparency International Global Corruption Barometer that the African Vampire is on the decrease while 16% believe, it remains the same. The survey report furthered, 47% of Liberians interviewed by Transparency International hold the belief that corruption has increased in the Country as compared to Sierra Leone (43%) and Guinea (63%) respectively. The 47%, according to CENTAL said most of all police officers are highly corrupt.