LBS Director General Ledgerhood Rennie says employees welfare is among priorities during his first 18 months as he officially takes over.


Liberia Broadcasting System Director General Hon. Ledgerhood Rennie has reassured employees of the State Broadcaster of his commitment to improve their welfare. Mr. Rennie named three areas of priority focus for the next 18 months under his administration as, the completion of the main LBS building under renovation, technical boost and employees welfare. The LBS boss however urged workers of the State Broadcaster to be more committed to duties for the good of the institution. He said with the aid of his deputies, they will lobby to ensure workers have a conducive working environment.

Also speaking at the program, ELBC Director of News Benjamin Taingay praised President George Manneh Weah for reappointing the LBS Director General. Mr. Taingay said, Mr. Rennie has the opportunity to continue from where he stopped. He further lamented that staff will hold Mr. Rennie accountable for whatever promise he has made. Both Rennie and Taingay spoke when he was officially taking office.

Ledgerhood Rennie served as Deputy Director General for Broadcasting and Media Services and was later promoted to the position of Director General of the Liberia Broadcasting System under Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf led govt and was reappointed by H.E Amb. George Manneh Weah in the same position. Rennie was confirmed recently by the Senate’s committee on Information and Broadcast.