LBS Risks Operational Deficiency, Calls for $US 210,000 Budgetary Allocation


The Management of the Liberian Broadcasting System (LBS) is appealing to the 54th Legislature for $ US 210,000 budgetary allocations to maintain its seven sub-stations in the country.

According to LBS Managing Director, Ledgerhood Rennie, the seven sub-stations that are being used to decentralize information are not capture in this year’s budget.

The Liberian Broadcasting System head who aplear before the National Legislature to justify for more funding for the entity mentioned, the inability of the sub-stations to operate will violate the fundamental rights of Liberians to be informed about happenings in the country.

He told journalists that the sub-stations if not catered to will create a vacuum for ineffectiveness.

Additionally, the Liberian Broadcasting Managing Director has stressed the need for the State Run Media House to incorporate correspondents to their payroll because currently they are not included  in the entity’s payroll.

LBS boss Ledgerhood Rennie

This, the head of the state radio noted in unfair to the reporters who according to him devote their time and effort in providing information from rural parts of the country.

At the same time, Mr. Ledgerhood Rennie has alarmed over the depreciation of LBS’s 368 feet towel that needs refurbishing.

According to him, the depreciated towel “is a death trap” that could cause serious disaster to human lives and properties if not worked on in the soonest possible time.

He said the cost to refurbish the towel is $US 40,000, something according to the LBS boss will prevent the destruction of lives and properties in Paynesville.

Furthermore, Managing Director Rennie wants speedy attention to the entity’s quests by the government of Liberia especially the Legislature.