LBS Workers Union Worries Over Plan Establishment Of A Media Empire By The Ruling CDC


The Leadership of the Liberia Broadcasting System Workers’ Union (LIBSWU) says it has learnt from credible sources that the CDC Led – Government is contemplating to establish a radio and television stations at this critical and struggling economic time in Liberia.

LIBSWU in a release issued Thursday in Monrovia said the establishment of the radio and television stations is intended to undermine the existence of the state run broadcast institution and it is in their words a complete contravention to the Degree that established the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS).

Moses Dorbor, head of the workers union said: “The Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS) was established by a Degree under the People’s Redemption Council (PRC Degree Number 20) on October 10, 1980 to amend chapter 87 of the Public Authorities Law.

It was established as a broadcast entity to disseminate and to promulgate government’s policy”.

He pointed out that under this Degree, LBS is a development oriented public service broadcasting system with the authority to establish a central programming facility and regional broadcasting noting that its goals are to support rural development by promoting several initiatives.

Furthermore he indicated that“It is to increase the utilization by the rural population of existing government services, the expansion of these services to a greater portion of the rural population, increased communication between the villages and the local, regional and national government, increased self-help initiative and increased involvement and participation in local and national development efforts”, the LIBSWU President mentioned.

He said if the CDC – Led Government is to establish these stations it must firstly repel the act that created the Liberia Broadcasting System to undo it statutory mandate.

Mr. Dorbor indicated that with this act, it becomes the Liberian Government sole responsibility to fully provide financial support to LBS to carry out its functions, and no new radio and television stations can be established by Government parallel to the Liberia Broadcasting System.

Besides, the Union’s President said government’s financial support to LBS is from taxpayers’ money and establishing radio and television stations it will a disservice to the Liberian population.

Mr. Dorbor is however remaining the CDC – Led Government not to trend the path of Former President Charles G. Taylor who attempted to push aside LBS and to prioritize KISS FM which was his private owned run radio and television stations in country.

He recorded that similar attempts were made by the 53rd Legislature to establish a radio station that was strongly resisted by the public.

He said during the Administration of Former President Taylor the State Broadcast House LBS was not supported at all as the station was constantly off and on and rendered it insufficient to the Liberia people,

Something he fear could happen if said media establishment is done.

Currently according to Mr. Dorbor several out-stations of the ELBC are off due to financial constrains to include lack of fuel and many others.

Meanwhile, employees of the State Broadcast Entity is to shortly hold a mass meeting to formally engage President, George Manneh Weah on the issue.

Meanwhile official from the ruling establishment (CDC) on the claimed establishment of a media empire remained tight-lipped on the issue.