Legal Battle Hangs Over LFA As Two EC Member Complaint LFA To FIFA And CAF


As Stakeholders of the Liberia Football Association gets ready to elect their new leaders on April 14, 2018, Two Executive Committee Members of the football house have complained that the LFA is in violation of the rules governing the FA .
They named and claimed that the tenure of the President Musa Bility has expired though they did not say how such violation will tangibly affect the elections process even though President Bility is not contesting.

However Musa bility has over and again assured Liberians that the FA will go to election on April 14 and will turn over power to the winner of the election after eight years as head of the LFA.
He admitted that his tenure will expire just two days before the elections but at the same time argued that the two days expiration is not a major problem that should hinder the election process.
Both Rochell Woodson and Wallace Weiah said Musa Bility tenure will expired on April 12 and sees no reason why he wants to force the election on the stakeholders to take place on April 14,.
Rochell and Wieah who want to be president and Executive committee member of the LFA respectively said in a communication to the LFA Election committee and the Federation of international football Association and the Confederation of Africa Football said the process leading to the election is unfair and in violation of the election code of the country.
In a letter dated March 16, 2018 to the Election Committee chair Cllr. Sarfuan Gray the Two EC members say if the election is held on April 14, it will be in violation of the rules and status of the football house because the Bility administration expired on April 12, and being in power for two days is a complete violation of the laws.
Both Rochell and Wallace communication to the chair of the LFA Election Committee protested that the LFA’s 2017 revised constitution including its statues have been violated
by the LFA election process.
pointing further to Their argument amongst other things, they named the formulation of the election guidelines and some irregularities discovered in the pending 2018 election.
They wrote β€œPlease note that the April 14, 2018, Election date is illegal,not transparent,including some irregularities in the election code as well as allegedly fraudulent.
According to their complained Bility’s administration ends on March 27, 2018 because he took office on March 27, 2014 which proved his term expired at the end of March instead of April 14 as claimed by Bility.
In an eight count protest the aggrieved EC members also called on FIFA to release the full audit report from the December 2017 audit on funds received for the development of football in Liberia which will validate any aspirant from any corruption and integrity checks which they believe will clear the way for competent candidates to contest the election.
Their letter to both FIFA and CAF appeal to the international and regional bodies of football to intervene in the matter for the development of the game.
The communication stated β€œPlease see attached letter of request for FIFA timely intervention against gross violations of the LFA statue, Electoral Code and Irregularities that has the propensity to undermine the transparency and fairness of the elections.

“Also they added saying, we will be very grateful that FIFA can provide the December 13, 2017, audit report along with FIFA US$50,00 0.00 Ebola funds which was allegedly divided between some officials from the Executive Committee and was use for their personal enrichment”.

Currently some Stakeholders are desperate of the outcome of these reports before elections are held Because these reports will either indict or exonerate would be aspirants from the executive committee in their quest for leadership”.

Meanwhile the president of the Liberia football Association Musa Bility repeatedly told the media that no amount of complaints whatsoever will stop the April 14 election from taking place, noting that he wants a peaceful transition of power to the next democratically elected leaders of the Football house.
In a strong tune he indicated that there will be no intervention from FIFA, CAF including the National Government as we as other partners because he and his team has violated no law, nor any statues of the LFA.