Plenary Investigates Representative Kolubah Over Disorderly Conducts


The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dr. Bhofal Chambers on tusday instructed Montserrado County District 10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah out of Tuesday’s session.

Speaker Chambers reached the decision after munities of heated argument between Representative Kolubah and him which turned into disruption.

Representative Yekeh Kolubah is noted for being asked out of session on many occasions since the inception of Speaker Bhofal Chambers on grounds that the Montserrado County Lawmakers has continuously been in violation with the rules and orders guiding the chamber.


Rep. Kolubah was also sent to the House’s Rules, Order and administration Committee several times for alleged violations of their Rules and Regulations due to disorderly conducts.

In his argument during today’s session September 15, 2020 Representative Kolubah pointed out the issues of security and continues attack against him, his bodyguards and office staffs.

According to the lawmaker, he has numerously voice out the unfadable circumstances he is faced with even at the level of the Legislature but to no avail has the situation been resolved.

This, he attributed to the “failure and continual ignorance” of Speaker Chambers which he noted could be “a masterminded plan” by the CDC government to quiet him.

Is now expected that the lawmaker will be out of session pending investigation by the committee on rules and orders at the lower House.

The investigation will give room to Plenary’s decision against Representative Kolubah.