Let’s Do It Ourselves,Former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai Challenges Liberians

In the wake of current economic challenges facing the Country and its people former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai says it is about time for Liberians to do it themselves.
Making reference to investment,he said gone are days where Liberia will rely on foreigners to come and invest in their own Country when in fact the this nation is rich with several natural resources.
Speaking at the induction ceremony of New officials elect of the Lofa Association in the USA Ambassador Boakai encouraged his kinsman to strategies on ways and means of creating opportunities for employment of Lofians and Liberians in General.

“We have to raise money to invest”,he added.

He pointed out that one of the best ways is through investment of the Country’s natural resources to include gold, diamond and many others.

The defeated presidential candidate of now opposition Unity Party lauded the efforts of Lofians who supported him hugely during the just ended election noting that this is what the people of Lofa stands for namely:Trust and integrity.
According to him the County’s annual budget is 200,000 with a population of 300,000 people something he indicated that more needs to be done to address the many challenging issues in the County.
Currently the County’s Community College is said to be overcrowded as hardship and many others are the order of the day in Lofa.

The former Liberian vice President urged his kinsman both in Liberia and the USA to work together and established a committee to ensure they change the living conditions of its people and County.

He proposed the establishment of a corporation that will bring on board professional Lofians with the so aim of investing in the human capital and many others.
The corporation once established will also address the transportation challenge facing the County and Country in general, he noted.
He said it is now time to setup a system to add value to Liberians as well as creating job opportunities for the young people of Liberia who are ready,educated and prepare to lead and work for their mother land.

Lofa before the coming of Gbarpolu County has 50% of the tribes in Liberia to include: Lorma,Kissi,Mandingo,Gola, Kpelle and Gbandi and use to as well be the bread and basket for Liberia in terms of food production especially rice but the history is now past glory as the son of that County however still believes with strength, focus mind,unity,education and many others from Lofians the County can regain its lost image.