LFA Inducts election and other committees ahead of the March crucial election. Gives four years mandate.

Following the extraordinary congress of the Liberia Football Association the new and approved Election Committee and the Election Appeal Committee of the Liberia Football Association chairpersons and members of the committees have been inducted into office.

Christopher C. Walker writes.

The Committees that will steer the affairs of all LFA elections for the next four years got confirmed by football stakeholders at the extraordinary congress of the Football house on February 24, 2014.
Heading the Election committee is Cllr. Sarfuah Gray others are:, Bishop George Harris and Cllr. Arthur Johnson while the Election Appeal Committee is chaired by Moiffee Kanneh, including Hadji Sesay, and Joe S. Barcon.
Cllr. Gray and team first task will be to conduct the LFA election for president and Vice presidents for Administration and Operations including ten executive Committee members this month March.
Inducting the officials into office LFA president Musa Bility out going President of the Football house urged committee members to do their best in conducting a free fair and transparent election.
According to Mr. Bility the Executive Committee will not have oversight over Complains and election matters but rather the election committee and appeal committee in line with the election code and Statutes of LFA.
Bility who ran the LFA for the past eight years added that election will be held for every member association and clubs of the LFA under the supervision of the Election Committee as provided for by the election code something that has not been a mandate of the LFA.
“Issues surrounding election at the LFA are not to go beyond certain area; you do not go to the Court of Arbitration for Sports but you are to go to the Election Appeal Committee that is responsible to settle all election matters as a result of complains”. Bility said.
The FA president frowned at stakeholders who are in the hobbit of negative speech which is not accepted in football such as hit massages , tribal discrimination and many


Speaking on behalf of the Election committee its chairperson Cllr. Sarfuah Gray thanked the outgoing LFA president and Executive Committee for entrusting them to serve the Liberian people.
“We promise that the election will be free, fair and transparent, we have just received the election code so we cannot say much but will in the soonest possible time come out with the calendar of events leading to the election”, she said.
For his part the chair of the Election Appeal Committee Moiffee Kanneh boasted that they will work in line with the laws of the LFA to investigate complains that will be brought to them by the candidates

if needed be.

“We will do our best in the interest of everyone who will participate in the election for a smooth transition of power”, Mr. Kanneh said in his inaugural speech.
Deputy Minister for Sports at the Ministry of Youth and Sports Andy Quamie who observed the induction ceremony on behalf of the government of Liberia said the Government will not take any side in the election but noted however that her interest will be to ensure that all matters and activities of the LFA is peaceful.
“We want to see a peaceful transition of power from Musa Hassan Bility to a new president that will be elected by the stakeholders’ deputy Minister Quamie said.