LFA’S Election Will Go On uninterrupted Say Bility Promises Peaceul transition Of Power


The President of Liberia Football Association, Musa H. Bility, has assured qualified candidates who are interested in contesting the pending LFA election that the process will go on as planned.

According to Bility, the April 14 date set by the LFA election committee remains unchanged and that no one will stop the elections from taking place.

The FA boss comment comes following frequent assertions by some stakeholders’ who claimed Bility’s tenure elapses March 26, 2018 and holding election in April is a violation of the LFA rules.

But speaking at a press conference at the FA headquarters on Benson Street Bility said the stakeholders are in error by thinking his term is schedule to end at the end of March.

“I have decided that this is the end of the road for me at the LFA and nobody will stop the election process, nobody will interfere in it – either in Liberia or outside of Liberia.

“So, people should not be afraid of this elections process because the election will go ahead, the process is open and nothing will stop it and we are going to have the elections on April 14, 2018,” he said.

The LFA out going boss noted that the choice is up to the candidates to either participate or not.

“It does not make sense if you say someone term is ending on the 27 of March 2018 which is not true, and the elections are on April 14, 2018. Do you know the process that people go through? He wondered.

“Even if you have to setup interim bodies it will be the minimum of six years and members of FIFA that are responsible for membership have to meet and make a decision and do you know what you are talking about,” he said.

The LFA boss emphasized that the world football governing body FIFA and the Confederation of African Football (CAF) are not going to stop the election progress.

“Because there is no crisis in Liberia, we are going to have peaceful transfer of authority and there will be free and fair elections and all those who are eligible to participate in the elections will participate, but if you are not qualified to participate you will not participate and we will uphold the laws,” Bility said.

Meanwhile the elections committee is expected to release names of qualified candidates to contest the April 14 election soon as the deadline for applications will expired Wednesday.
However the sticky issue of education as part of the new criteria mainly for the Presidency appears to be a hindrance to some applicants who are yet to earn a bachelor degree.