Liberia As a Country Remains Committed to The Fight Against Gender Based Violence Says Gender Minister.


Liberia today joined the world over to celebrate this year’s edition of Day of the African Child. The day was established by the organization of African Unity, now African Union, to commemorate children who got killed during the Soweto protest in 1976. Speaking at programs marking the celebration in Liberia, Gender Minister Willamette Tarr said the ministry remains committed to the protection of children in the country. According to Minister Tarr, the ministry in collaboration with its partners is also working to ensure that it brings to end sexual and gender-based violence and serve justice to survivors.

The 2019 DAC celebration is being held under a Global theme ‘Humanitarian Action in Africa: Children’s Rights First – while Liberia’s National Theme is: Children’s Rights Are Human Rights–Liberia Is No Exception; Let’s Take Action.’

According to Madam Tarr  Liberia as a country remains committed to the fulfillment of the true meaning of celebrating the Day of the African Child, where the dignity of our children are ensured and that their rights to education, healthcare, and other social services are fully protected.

Meanwhile The former Speaker of the Liberian Children Parliament Jutomue Doetein Said the only tool to end gender based violence is justice.