Liberia Does Not Need A Political Judiciary, Says “OHCHR” Country Representative


In the wake of ongoing Impeachment proceedings hanging over one of the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of Liberia Kabineh Ja’neh, the Country Representative of the Office of the High Commissioner On Human rights Uchenna Emelonye has spoken for the first time officially since the hullabaloo insure saying” Liberia does not need a political judiciary rather an independent and reliable body that will always dispense justice impartially.
Though he was not clear if the current saga is political or has legal grounds but indicated that it is key for the Country to have an exclusive independent judiciary system that will work in the interest of all void of intimidation and or political distraction.
He said it is about time that members of the judiciary especially those on the supreme court bench of Liberia be protected though they too are not above the law.
In the case of professional or ethical breach and or challenge observed by any Lawyer, Judge or Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia among others,the judiciary has a Judiciary Inquiry Commission responsible to look into such matter like in the case of Associate Justice Ja’neh though there is historically no record of an associate justice appearing before that body unlike the Dr. Marcus Jones case in recent times.
Mr. Emelonye said in a bid to help further strength the judiciary arm of government which is crucial to good democratic tenants as well as human rights promotion and protection it is imperative that all actors work in the supreme interest of the people void of interference.
The “OHCHR” boss praised the government for showing its political -will including courage in accepting their operations in Liberia including the promotion and protection of human rights across the Country but was quick to add that the “OHCHR” is and will remain a Voice that will hold accountable the feet of the government to the fire to ensure that the right things as far as human rights promotion and protection are concern are done but in a more constructive and international manner and form.
” We have Come With Added Value to help provide legal and capacity building assistants to all relevant organizations as well as institutions of government”, he noted.
In a more tougher tune he said the government should expect that he will speak on what they need to hear and not what they want to hear.
Additionally he stated that as part of their activities they will work with the Independent National Commission on Human Rights on critical national human rights issues which he added needs to be addressed for the benefit of the people.
Over the next three of the six years of the “OHCH’ operations,it plans to build the capacity of civil society organizations,The Judiciary, members of the national legislature including other key sectors of the country on their workings and how best they all collectively can promote and protect human rights issues in the Country.