Liberia Fish Mongers Rebut June 7 Protest, says it has no future benefit


Over hundreds of Fish Mongers across Liberia gathered in West-Point, Monrovia with a refuting voice against the June 7 mass protest.

The Fishery Stake Holders are among other national organizations that are subscribing against the march on ground that it has no future benefit for the country.

The Monday, June 3 Press Conference witnessed by representatives of various fishing groups in Liberia comes in the wake of fear that such anti-government approach does not yield any possibilities especially for the young generation.

The conglomeration of fishermen and women  speaking at one the densely populated areas of Monrovia noted that protests in the past made the country ungovernable thus created instability and displacement for its citizens.

According to them, international  organization that were key players in resolving “our Civil crises might not want to come back after their tireless effort” to bestowing peace upon Liberia.

“Why can we not thing about the past” they at the same time warned.

The segment of Liberia population economically contributing through fishery however warned young people to avoid  violence if their future must secure its intend.