LIBERIA -GUINEA Border Opens Amidst EBOLA in Guinea


The Governments of Liberia has opened the border linking the country to Guinea via the Ganta route.

The Ganta to Guinea border was closed early March of 2020,as a result of the deadly coronavirus .

Residents and business people expressed joy for the move as they believed it will boost trade  and commercial activities between the two countries.

They indicated, that closing major borders during crisis, open doors for illegal crossing points, which might some time worsen the problem.

“The closing of this border, brought lots of problem to our people, my bro.” said Adolphus Demee.

As for Augustine Zoe, since the border is open government must put into place health measures.

He wants people crossing and leaving the country temperature check and proper contact tracing put into place.

“The liberian government need to bring people here with Temo-meter to scream people crossing from Guinea to Liberia.”he noted.

Meanwhile, Montserrado County Senator,Saah H. Joseph toured the Liberian- Guinea boarder  crossing point in Ganta aimed at assessing the possibility to unload a consignment of medical materials for both countries.

The medical materials will be transfer by means of vehicle and escort by the Lawmaker who will turn it over to health authority in Guinea as the country battles Ebola.

Senator Joseph will also provide portion of the medical equipment to health authority in Nimba county.

Mr. Joseph is noted for supporting ebola affected countries include Liberia.

The Lawmaker lauded security apparatus for protecting their country borders when he briefly interacted with them.

The medical materials are expecting to arrive at the borders this Sunday.