“Liberia Needs To Hear Some Truth” National Orator, Leymah Gbowee Opens Up, Characterize Liberia’s Current Issues Into Three Parts, “No Position, Opposition And Ruling Position


Dressed in a Red, White and Blue Suit symbolizing the honor of national duty, Noble Laureate Leymah Gbowee took the stand to deliver her national Oration under the theme: Together, We are Stronger.

Madam Gbowee begin her address by saying: Truth in times of deception is revolutionary; however she noted that she choose to remain revolutionary because in her words” Liberia Needs to hear some truth”, she added.

According to her and in order to do justice to the topic, she did a tour of cross section of Liberians and in some Counties ranging from Youth, Disable, Students, and many others in a bid to hear from them on how exactly they can be stronger together.

At a well-attended national ceremony held the Samuel Kanyan Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville Friday on July 26, 2019, The National Orator said the language of Unity is key to be spoken by all because it has been the pillar and origin of the nation as indicated in the national anthem, however, she wonders while Unity has so far invaded Liberia, saying, “We Preach, Sing, and Proclaim Unity but unfortunately”, We can’t find it, she added.

The Theme “Together, We are Stronger”; is befitting for the occasion, Leymah said but wonders how can Liberians be stronger together in the presence of high economic conditions, additionally, she noted that how Liberians can be stronger together when corruption is still at its peak, When those who were poor yesterday are living in mansions and are riding cars that can build a new school, further more she stressed that, how can Liberians be stronger together, when there is serious war on women bodies, in some cases without any legal redress, including political appointments not based on competence rather party affiliations, huge challenges in the health and education sectors as well as interest never national now, rather individual among others.

The 172nd Day orator further characterized Liberia’s problems into three divisions, namely: The No Position, The Opposition and The Ruling Positions respectively.

She said each of these positions come with nothing but retracts, more than the real word, retracts.

Under the No Position and in her research she stated that ,the No Position are the majority but is mentally regarded as the minority.

This No position she uttered comprises the common people who children feel the pinched of the messy Education system and poor health care claiming that justice for No Position is non-existence as they barely have a meal a day and are currently living in abject poverty.

She said their political alliances are not developmental rather based on stomach infrastructure with direct interest in cash, T-shirts and bags of rice.

Madam Gbowee described the No-Position group of people as the people who do not care and hardly participate in national issues even those that are affecting them but rather usually say, “ That the people thing “adding that at the detriment of such when they elect what she referred to as SGG”S ( Steal, Grab and Go) they should not complained.

However, she indicated further that the No-Position also contribute to some of the issues affecting the Country as they are often seen throwing dirt in the streets when they are on public transport but always blamed government for just everything, “ We are not responsible for the dilemma Liberia’s finds herself in”.

At the same time madam Gbowee described the Opposition which is the second group of people in Liberia as the recycled politicians who desperation for jobs at the detriment of the masses is unquestionable.

The Independence Day Orator said the recycled politicians even alien themselves with murderers, criminals, corned-artists and just anyone who speaks the same language as theirs, just to get into Power.

She said they even failed to acknowledge that they too have contributed to the current national crisis stating further that even critics of yesterday can easily become praised singers while their enemies yesterday are now their friends among others.

The Nobel Laureate speaking at the 172nd Day celebrations of Liberia told the gathering that the Opposition group of people often operate in a space of intense irrationality as well as suspicion of everyone they interact with including the Ruling Position.

Their attitude the international honoree said also increases the high level of deception at the detriment of the society as no space for collaboration and partnership to solve the people’s problems are the order of the day among them.

Lastly, the Ruling Position, In this group, she said they always feel and come with the attitude that this is their time, Winners take it all, have a severe sense of entitlement, they, she noted believed that they are always right, have certain live style, have no room for criticism and additionally holds no contrary views and see any and such view as enemies to them.

Moreover, she pointed out that they accept blind loyalists which turned the story of the emperor with no clothes on as a reality.

She said leaders of the Ruling Position are often fed with Lies by their own members, all for the purpose of jobs, jobs that some of them, she claimed are not qualified for.

The Liberian 172nd Orator also lashed out the Ruling position group of having misplaced priorities with developmental agenda only and well written but the implementation is basically private own projects.

The National Orator said the situations is a visual circle from generation where the opposition becomes ruling position, the situation shifts and exhibited with both positions on each other throat while the young people remain hopeless, homeless as drug addiction, high unemployment, the fight for ideological differences, the mortgaging of the children’s future as well as the selling of natural resources to people who are not developmentally oriented, the raping of girls and women as well as the abuse of them in society , including corruption are still unending challenges confronting the growth process of the Country while Liberia still crowds behind their neighbors as the people suffered and washed the groups clashed.

“We can’t continue to do business as usual after 172nd years, Leymah intoned; we are still searching for what it is to bring Liberia together, she noted.

She said to be stronger together as a nation and people than it is important to address the health care and quality education needs of the people of Liberia including the challenge of unemployment, youth empowerment, the economic conditions and many more.

Leymah wants the fight against corruption to be in action and not in words,” How can you effectively fight corruption, when you cannot declare your asset, she added.

She observed that truth has completely invaded Liberia with lies gaining prominence.

“We lied to gain Prominence, We Lied to get positions, We Lied to Authority, We lied about just what we have and don’t have but noted that truth will bring total unity to the Country, she added.

She at the same time frowned at religious and traditional leaders who are now praised singers and political Imams and Pastors who shift their sermons and messages just to suit their political parties.

Additionally, she added that traditional and culture leaders also give political and undeserved traditional honors to people for self-political and or party lines or reasons.

For us to be stronger together, we must agree on a set of values that we will live by and ensure we teach other future generation which will further guide our national politics including our everyday life, Leymah added.

She said it will be impossible to live together if we don’t agree on a value of togetherness especially a value of transparency, equality and true love for Country.

The 172nd Day oration delivered by Leymah Gbowee which many think touched all sectors of the Country will now begin the national discussion going forward with some Liberians now beginning to analysis whether her oration was political, analytical or a practical reality.