Liberia: Passport Issuance to Resume July 20 through Online Appointment


The Bureau of Passports and Visas at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Friday, July 10, that it will resume the issuance of passports through online appointments beginning July 20, 2020.

Issuance of passports was suspended in March of this year in accordance with the mandate of President George Weah on social distancing to avoid the further spread of the Coronavirus.

In a release issued on Friday, the Bureau said all passports issuance to Liberian citizens will be done only by appointments for 30 persons on Mondays and Wednesdays, while Tuesdays and Thursdays will be used for a maximum of 20 applicants wishing to take advantage of Expedited Application Process which takes only 24 hours. Friday will be used for the regular processing of passports which will be processed in ten (10) working days.

Applicants will now have to fill out the application form at to secure an online appointment.

β€œPersons entitled to privileged passports will be processed based on official requests from heads of agencies and will be required to undergo the same health protocol. Once requests for the privileged passports are approved, the persons entitled to such passports will be required to fill online applications and secure appointments to appear for processing,” the release stated.

A medical emergency will be processed under certain exceptions to be determined by the Ministry based on the request, it added.


  1. The website/ Application form needs to be upgraded to enable Liberians who are residing in Liberia to be able to apply online.

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