CAPEMOUNT: Liberia Reintegration Promoters Presents YOP Project to Locals


Liberia Reintegration Promoters is a non- governmental organization who aim is to empower youths through skills training according to the Community Livelihood and Agriculture Support (CLAS) head Mrs.Anita Kolubah Marshall.

Giving the overview of the project she said,  the Youth Opportunities Project  (YOP)  aimed is to improving access to income generation opportunities for 15,000 Vulnerable targeted rural and urban youths across Liberia from age 15-35yrs.

According to her, YOP has three components, the pre-employment and social support, small business support that deals with 5,000 youths and the community livelihood and agriculture support that also have 10,000 youths in the 15 counties.

“We started the CLAS component in Cape Mount in 2017, when we have the regional launch in Bomi County, where Cape Mount and Gbapolu were part of and we did the launch in September 2017.” she noted.

Lamenting further, the CLAS officer said, YOP was approved by the World Bank Board in November 6, 2015, which became effective on September 30, 2016.

She said, the project was funded by $10Million World Bank Loan and $3.5Million grant from the Swedish International Development Agency SIDA and implemented by the Ministry of Youth & Sports(MYS)and the Liberia Agency for community empowerment (LAEC).

Mrs.Marshall said, they selected three districts in cape Mount to implement the project naming Tewor, Porkpa, and Commonwealth Districts.

She said, of those districts, they have worked in 25 communities and recruited 700 beneficiaries .

Meanwhile, Mrs.Marshall said, from 2017- 2021 the young people in Grand Cape Mount  County have been making farm and as such they provided 700 phones for each, labor subsidy to beneficiaries ranging from $USD460.00 and farming tools.

Turning over the project to the county, the National Program Coordinator, Mr.Jesse H.Bengu said, they have heard numerous of rumors that the inhabitants in Grand Capemount are lazy people, this he refuted base on the level of work done by capemountean during the project implementation.

The Program Coordinator said, over the years since 2017 till present the project has been sustained by the 700 beneficiaries.

According to him, the issue of gender inequality was paramount because each community has equal numbers of both male and female during the implementation of the project.

He further encouraged, the beneficiaries to maintain what they have learned from LAEC training and make it to be part of them as they go on with their farming activity.

This he asserted, that it will enable them to sustain their families and even have their own food production company.

He at the same time, express gratitude to the authority of cape Mount for the cordial relationship and recommend their supervisory role on the sustainability of the project.

For his part, the County Inspector of Grand Cape Mount County, Mr.Eric V. Pinney extolled organization and  partner for empowering the people of Grand Cape Mount in the sector of agriculture and small business support.

This he affirmed will create job opportunities and self empowerment for those wishing to do food production.

He at the same time, encouraged beneficiaries to be more focus on what they are doing for living and also innovative so that issue of food shortages can be minimize with in Liberia.