Liberia To Host The 62nd International Convention Of The UNIA For The First Time


Liberia To Host The 62nd International Convention Of The UNIA For The First Time

In the wake of Liberia’s struggling and challenging movement, the West African Nation after celebration of over fourteen years of uninterrupted Peace is said by attracting more international attention relative to the hosting of big international and regional occasions.

Well the latest is the hosting for the first time in the Country, the International convention, the 62nd Convention of the Universal Negro Association.

The international event first of its kind to be held in Liberia will take place from August 15, 2019.

According to the President of the UNIA Sammitta Entsua international delegates will on Wednesday, August 14, 2019 begin arriving in Liberia.

She told our reporter Tuesday that guests of the international event especially members of the Negro community are coming from across the globe mainly from the USA, The Caribbean and many others.

Ms. Entsua said the event is very important to all members of the Negro race.

The convention she told our reporter will begin with a major Business meeting which was similarly held in New York at its first gathering and will as always come up with the declaration of the rights of the Negro people in a move to help improve their well-being.

The UNIA President indicated that it is time for Liberians to champion the cause of African Unity assuring that the future generation to come will tread on the path laid down by them.

She said the UNIA which is an old age movement dated from 1914 in Kingston, Jamaica and later to the United States of America in 1916 by its founding head Marcus Garvey is a charitable, social, humanitarian, educational, Institutional and constructive body with the sore intend among others to work for general upliftment of Africans globally.

According to her Mr. Garvey build a mass organization that went beyond mere civil rights agitation and protest and based itself upon a definition well thought about program to lead an emancipation of the African Race with self-reliance as its primary foundation.

The initiative leads to recruitment of more than 12 million members in thirty-eight states of the USA in forty-one Countries.

In Liberia UNIA according to Ms. Entsua is working to help improve the lives of Liberians.

She said their area of focus is but not limited to education, empowerment, dedication and unity among others.

Meanwhile the body is today celebrating the Flag of Africa Day, namely: Red Black and Green which was established on August 13, 1920.

The colors which symbolizes the Blood that was shed by their forefathers, the fertile green land of the people including their race respectively.

Ahead of the international celebrations Ms. Entsua is calling on members and non-members of UNIA to grace the occasion in order to help improve the standard of the Negro people across the globe.

She said it is imperative for Africans to organize themselves that is the only way Justice and wealth can be realized.