Liberia Wins First Gold Medal at 2019 Special Olympics


Liberia has won its first gold ? medal at 2019 Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi.. Athlete Ehiabom Salim Assaf finished 1st in the 200-meter race to secure Liberia’s first Gold medal.

Assaf finished first within 28.86 seconds in the 200-meter final at the Dubai Police Officers Club Stadium ahead of Darius Branden (16yrs) of Antigua & Barbuda, who finished within 29.14 seconds and Dinguemnatal Nonkilao (20 yrs) of Chad, who finished within third in 31.05 seconds.

Assaf is expected to return to the track on Tuesday, March 19, for his second race in the 100-meter race category.

Out of the seven individuals who won gold medal in the 200-meter heat, Assaf is ranked as the second fastest runner.