Liberian-Foreign based Boxing Champion Freddy Kiwitt Returns Home To Give Back…


Monrovia, Liberia-Liberian-born international awards winning boxer Freddy Kiwitt recently returned home with two global trophies with a focus to give back to his native Land, Liberia.

Freddy recently brought pride to the Mother-land after conquering the African and European continents in highly competitive boxing competitions; events that earned him two major belts.

The crowned African and European Welterweight Boxing Champion said, his coming back to Country is intended to give local boxers the opportunity to a conducive environment of boxing.

“My coming to Liberia is intended to give young Liberians with interest in boxing the opportunity to facilities and equipment to train so they can compete”, says Freddy. 

Working with two local boxing organizations, including “Save More Kinds and Boxing is Love”, Freddy will in the coming years construct modern state of the art gyms across the Country.

The mood according to the 14th World ranking Boxer was triggered by limited attention in the sector in Liberia; mentioning that he intends to positively impact the larger society with specific reference to the youthful generation.

According to Kiwitt, his visit in Liberia is to push a boxing youth program to help the youths do something with their lives, to give them opportunities to reach where he has reached and even beyond.

“The people need role models. If you look at George Weah, everybody wants to play football because of what he did. I want to be the same for boxing in Liberia. I want to give the guys some hope that if you keep praying and keep working hard, whatever you want to do, you can do it, if you just believe in God, believe in the system and you can accomplish anything in the world.” He said.

He told Journalists, giving back to the home Country of his Mother, makes him a fulfilled and a happy man.

In a mood to encourage parents and the larger society, Mr. Kiwitt said boxing is a game of discipline as opposed to conventional perceived fist fight-noting that boxing is Love.