Liberian Government & EU Signs Over $US59 Million Financing Agreements


To improve electricity in rural Liberia and build youth capacity, the Liberian government and European Union have signed two financing agreements valued over $59 million United States dollars.

The agreements are the Rural Electrification Programme prioritizing Liberia’s Southeast and the EU support to demand driven Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET), for young people in the country.

The signing ceremony of the new programmes took place via an e-ceremony due to Covid-19 restrictions, attended by Government representatives from the Ministries of Finance and Development Planning; Youth and Sports, Education and Energy and other important stakeholders.

Speaking during the signing ceremony the Head of EU Hélène Cavé, reiterated the European Union’s commitment to support Liberia’s social and economic development agenda, and recovery from challenges caused by the recent and ongoing #COVID19 pandemic.

The EU Ambassador said, Liberians youth will benefit greatly from the program as it will make them self-reliance in the society .

“The program will train young professionals in the areas of electricity and agriculture, to help achieve sustainable food security and affordable power supply.” Amb. Helene Cave said

The Government of Liberia was represented by Finance Minister Samuel D.Tweah Jr. who justified that the agreement will greatly alter the lives of thousands of young people and boost electricity in rural Liberia.

He said the Rural Electrification Programme prioritizing Liberia’s Southeast, is valued at Euros $42 million and the EU support to demand driven Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET), for young people in the country is also valued at Euros $12 million.

Minister Tweh said the Rural Electrification Programme seeks to increase prosperity and to accelerate development in the country, through availability of sustainable Electricity in the Southeast of Liberia.

Minister Tweh

Commenting further, he said the George Weah government will continue to prioritize youth empowerment as they are the driving force towards building a vibrant democracy .

He said the European Union TVET programme is geared towards improving the quality, relevance and modernization of TVET.

The Finance Minister said the agreements will also strengthening links with the private sector, and by improving the governance, planning, management, and delivery capacity at government and TVET, provider levels through the promotion of equitable and gender balanced access to TVET in target providers.