Liberian Gov’t, UN Open Political Dialogue for Women in Sinoe County


The Ministry of Gender in partnership with the United Nations Women has ended a one-day consultative Dialogue on Women’s political participation and representation.

Speaking during the occasion Mohammed Massalay, of the Ministry of Gender said, the dialogue was intended to strengthen and promote women’s political participation.

According to Mr. Massalay, the ministry of Gender believes that promoting women’s political participation will contribute to the growth and development of Liberia.

He said over the years, women have exemplified strong leadership roles and responsibilities that have driven the Liberian economy making it better and Sustainable.

Mr. Massalay said having women in leadership at all levels especially the Legislature will contribute vastly to the Nation-building process of Liberia.

He then encouraged women to fully participate in the electoral process, stressing that women must support their fellow colleagues vying for political seats so as to have a voice in the house.

On behalf of the UN Women Mr. Mahmoud Koroma, program specialist, and team lead said, it is important to see women been presented at the Legislature and county levels.

He stated that Liberia has low representation at the House of Representatives, something he described as not fair to the women.

Mr. Koroma further stated that women are the one who knows their fellow women problems and will contribute to the development of women, pushing the plights of women and addressing their concerns while in leadership.

He added that if women must succeed in their quest, it needs the collective efforts of both men and women.

He then called on men to be supported by women, encouraging and serving as guidance.

The UN women program specialist then call on women to support a non-violence election refrained from hate messages and encourage their families to remain peaceful during electoral processes.

He said such a move will enabling the country to maintain the peace of Liberia.

Attending the program was a representation of Madam Grace Scotland Briahma, a candidate in the election who particularly educated the audience on her candidate manifesto that greatly targets women empowerment and development.

Participants were given the chance to interact with the representative of Madam Scotland.

Madam Lorraine Mennoh on behalf of participants thank both institutions for their tireless efforts in ensuring the needs for Women’s political participation, adding that women in Sinoe have been marginalized for a long in decision-making and political participation.

She said it will change as women are resolved with a United voice to have a taste this time in the political landscape of Liberia.

Speaking further, she then called on the Liberian President to see the need of including women in the Sinoe County local leadership.