Liberian Senate Expected to Resume Special Session Next Monday, November 25, 2019


Following President George Weah’s request for Lawmakers of the 54th National Legislature to return to capitol building for the purpose of having a special session to discuss critical national issues, The Leadership of the Liberian Senate has communicated to President George Weah informing him of an extended one-week period contrary to the original November 18, 2019 date as requested by the Liberian leader.

The decision by the Senate’s leadership is to ensure that all members of the Senate from the fifteen political subdivisions of the Country are present to constitute a quorum of the Senate during the Special  session.

According to a release signed by the Press Director at the Senate Jarlarwah Tonpo, members of the house of elders are expected to resume next Monday, November 25, 2019, one week after the original time requested for by President Weah.

President weah’s Communication to Members of the Legislature requesting them to return from their Break for the Special Session is in consonance with Article 32(b) of the 1986 Constitution of Liberia.
Article 32(b) states: “The President shall, on his own initiative or upon receipt of a certificate signed by at least one-fourth of the total membership of each House, and by proclamation, extend a regular session of the Legislature beyond the date for adjournment or call a special or extraordinary session of that body to discuss or act upon matters of national emergency and concern.

When the extension or call is at the request of the Legislature, the proclamation shall be issued not later than 48 hours after receipt of the certificate by the President”.

The Liberian senate like members of the House of Representatives presence at the special session is very crucial to the deliberation of serious national issue as some have already described the current economic situation in the Country as national emergency and needs to be address through the intervention of Lawmakers of Liberia.

The Senate as per the Constitution is under legal obligation to confirm any appointed official of Government nominated by the President something that is the case of the nominated Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia Aloysius  Tarlue.

It still unclear some of the critical national issues to be discussed by members of the 54th national legislature but what is an open secret is the troubling economic condition facing the nation and its people on a daily basis, the plan printing of new reported and about 35b Liberian dollars bank notes, the confirmation of the new CBL Executive Governor and many others are issues currently been discussed by Liberians in every street corners, Public and private places.