Liberian Star makes hit in exile


Liberian Star makes hit in exile.
Muhammed sheriff a promising Liberian musician who is currently making hit in exile has stressed the need to help improve the entertainment game in Liberia. 
Musicians or entertainers globally are major contributors to any Country growth as such if celebrities are given the chance to explore they can do better and help contribute to national development.
Muhammad was born in Liberia on the Bushrod island Vai town sheriff yard and started his early education at J. J Roberts United Methodist school on 12th Street in sinkor and he later attended Muslim Congress high school and finally st.patricks high school before leaving Liberia for Nigeria.
According to him he was the first rapper to make big hits in Nigeria. ” let’s say we brought hip hop music to Nigeria” .He added.
Explaining further the Liberian International star said they were two young lily Liberia legendary at that time and his first name on stage was shelf while his partner was max c 2.
I had some challenges but due to my passion and focus mind for the industry I later Move to Mozambique where I released a single with the most famous Mozambican celebrity call mc Roger with the song title she’s too sexy.
He said due to his skills he and his colleagues ran Portuguese world from Portugal to Brazil musically and they were added on top chats all across Europe.
He told reporters that Liberians are talented evident of his performances in the music game in Europe and across the globe.
My performance saw me sign for a record company in Portugal call vidisco with the album title spend a long time coming.
In a move to further strengthen my desire for the industry i have been on several tours and I have just release my new album in the future part 2.
According to him the music game is getting better in Liberia naming good lyrics, quality sounds and videos and professional stage performances including body language amongst other.
“I am hoping and it is my prayer that Liberian music will top the chart globally in years to come” ,he uttered.
He appeal to national Government to see the need to create the platform and all necessary space to ensure the talents in Liberia can be fully promoted.
Support mainly sponsorship, equipment and modern studios, cinemas and theaters amongst others are things he said when made available will immensely take the entertainment business in Liberia to another level.