Liberian Students Jubilate As President Weah Declares Free Tuition For All Public Tertiary Institutions Of Learning Across Liberia


Tears of joy,celebrations and political slogans were the order of the day amongst the student community of Liberia when their leader Dr. George Weah give what many described as a financial relief for them.

The struggling students dance and jubilated after receiving the news that their President declare free tuition for them.
According to President Weah the initiative which is part of the pro poor agenda will now encourage more enrollment at the state run University,Public Community Colleges and many others.

” I am now giving you people the opportunity to ensure that you guys realize your full potential”,he added.

Dr.Weah also urged the potential beneficiaries to make maximum use of the opportunity and ensure that they explore in other disciplines where the Country is said to be experiencing brain dream.

He named: Engineering,Geology and many others as some of the disciplines where many Liberian students fail to take interest in studying.

Speaking when he paid a visit to the UL Wednesday the Liberian leader pointed out that the development of human capital mainly by investing in quality education is one of the targets of his administration.

He said the time has come for the government to make direct bold and interventions to address the challenges confronting the educational sector of Liberia.
His concern he noted is to see the State own University run smoothly and efficiently in order to concentrate on its growth and development plans in a bid to fulfill its ambition of becoming one of the best Universities on the continent of Africa.

The nation’s chief executive told the students community that his decision to declare free tuition for all public tertiary institutions of learning across Liberia mainly from under graduate level is to amongst other things eradicate the troubling inability of students to continue their education only because of money.

Weah promise to ensure that adequate funding through budgetary allotment and other necessary support is given to the University and the system to ensure that it functions well.

All other arrangements regarding the free tuition declaration by the President will be worked out in the coming days ans months as he President Weah challenged the students to play their part of the win,win situation.

Meanwhile the President of the University of Liberia Students Union Mau Maimo commended the visitor to the University of Liberia for his historic decision which he added will now alleviate the huge financial burden from on the struggling masses children there-by allowing them to be well focused to ensure they produce their best as requested by Dr.Weah.